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Best Way to Take Temperature Not the Most Pleasant

But if you want to be sure about the numbers, rectal is the way to go

(Newser) - In what STAT describes as an "exhaustive" 24-page report, there's one type of thermometer that rises above the rest when it comes to gauging body temperature. Rectal thermometers remain the "gold standard" for getting the most accurate reading, HealthDay News reports, even though "it's no... More »

Study: Being Cold Is Contagious

Study gives 'catching cold' new meaning

(Newser) - Struggling to keep warm this winter? You may want to avoid other people who look cold: A new study published in PLOS ONE suggests humans experience "temperature contagion." Subjects saw their own temperatures sink after watching videos of people putting their hands in chilly water, per a press... More »

How Epic Hypothermia Saved a Woman's Life

'Atlantic' recounts incredible story of Anna Bågenholm

(Newser) - When a skiing accident left her trapped in an icy mountain stream, Anna Bågenholm's core body temperature dropped to an astonishing 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit—and that may just have saved her life. The Atlantic this week printed an excerpt from Kevin Fong's book Extreme Medicine that... More »

Fat America Won't Need Mittens

Study finds overweight have naturally hot hands

(Newser) - America’s ever-expanding waistlines may eventually render mittens obsolete, a new study suggests. Researchers for the NIH found that overweight people generate more heat than their lean peers, but don’t retain it any better. Instead, the heat exits from the hands and feet—so an overweight person’s extremities... More »

Police Brutality? It Could Just Be Excited Delirium

Research may help clear cops who end up with dead perps

(Newser) - New research could help exonerate police officers accused of using excessive force to restrain unruly perpetrators, New Scientist reports. So far the American Medical Association has not recognized “excited delirium,” a condition describing an agitated, combative person who exhibits superhuman strength and high body temperature—a rare condition... More »

Toucan's Beak Really Outsized Thermostat

Toucans control blood flow to outsized bill to raise or lower body temperature

(Newser) - New research reveals an unexpected use for the toucan’s outsized bill, Wired reports. Thermal imaging shows that the bird can regulate its body temperature by increasing or restricting blood flow to its beak. “Bird bills are not ‘dead tissues’ incapable of playing a role in heat balance,... More »

6 Stories