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Barcelona Suspect: We Planned to Blow Up Church, Other Sites

Terror group's mission was partly foiled when Alcanar bomb-making 'factory' blew up

(Newser) - The suspected driver of the van that rammed into crowds in Barcelona is now dead , but details are still emerging about last week's carnage that left 15 dead in two attacks and injured more than 130. The newest development, per the Guardian : A 21-year-old suspect in custody told a... More »

ISIS Claims UK Attack on 'Crusaders Gatherings'

Death toll currently stands at 22, with dozens injured

(Newser) - The Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack at a UK concert venue Monday night that killed 22 and injured dozens, the AP reports. Police say a lone suicide bomber, now deceased, detonated an "improvised device" in the Manchester Arena foyer at an Ariana Grande concert, and ISIS... More »

Russia Bomb Suspect 'Linked to Islamic Radicals'

Suspected named as Kyrgyz man Akbarzhon Jalilov

(Newser) - The suspect behind a deadly terrorist attack on a St. Petersburg subway station was a 23-year-old man from a former Soviet republic in Central Asia who had links to Islamist radical groups, according to reports in the Russian media. Reuters reports that officials in Kyrgyzstan have identified the suspect as... More »

ISIS Developing Scary New 'Signature'

'Wolf packs' emerge even as group suffers military setbacks

(Newser) - The Islamic State is gloating after a series of attacks claimed in its name, including those in Bangladesh , Iraq , Turkey , and Saudi Arabia . Some related coverage:
  • As ISIS suffers military setbacks within its self-declared borders, it seems to be shifting toward more guerrilla-type operations. USA Today takes a look.
  • "
... More »

Perpetual Terrorist 'Victim' Really Just a Con Artist

But he's not the one putting his own picture up after each terrorist attack

(Newser) - He's gone missing in the Istanbul airport attack and the May EgyptAir crash , as well as been named a victim of the Pulse Orlando shooting and as an official who ordered police to shoot at a group of Mexican protesters in June, but who "he" is remains a... More »

Killer Films Self With 3-Year-Old Hostage

Attack outside Paris called 'abject terrorist attack'

(Newser) - French authorities are calling it an "abject terrorist attack"—the first confirmed one since last November's bloodshed. On Monday night, a 42-year-old deputy police chief was stabbed to death outside his home in Magnanville, outside Paris, by an attacker who then entered the home and took the... More »

What's Behind the Phenomenon of Brother Terrorists?

Genetics, upbringing likely play a role

(Newser) - Two of the suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks were brothers , which leads Discovery to ask: Why is it relatively common for sets of brothers to become terrorists? The Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Marathon bombing and the Kouachi brothers in the Charlie Hebdo attack are two recent examples, but... More »

Utah Missionaries, US Air Force Family Injured in Brussels

Details are developing

(Newser) - Among those hurt in the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday: three Mormon missionaries from Utah and an Air Force officer and his family. Richard Norby, 66, Joseph Empey, 20, and Mason Wells, 19, were injured in the explosion at Brussels airport, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints... More »

The Cost of Terror in San Bernardino: Just $4.5K

Analysis provides breakdown of costs

(Newser) - It cost Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik less than $5,000 to build the arsenal used for the Dec. 2 terror attack in which they killed 14 people and injured 22 others in San Bernardino, Calif., according to an analysis by NBC News . Materials to make more than 20 pipe... More »

Raided Paris Terror Cell Was Ready to Strike: Prosecutor

2 dead, 8 arrests in raid near Paris—but fate of alleged mastermind still unclear

(Newser) - Paris prosecutor Francois Molins gave new details on the police raid on an alleged ISIS terror cell just north of Paris in a press conference Wednesday. Some highlights :
  • Molins said about 5,000 rounds were fired by police during an hourlong gunfight between heavily armed police and those inside the
... More »

Terrorist Attacks Have Quadrupled Since 9/11

But deaths are falling: new study

(Newser) - Annual terrorist attacks have more than quadrupled since the September 11, 2001, attacks, a new study finds, with Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Yemen most affected. But, after peaking in 2007, the number of deaths per year in such attacks has been decreasing, Reuters reports. Last year, there were 7,... More »

As al-Qaeda Wanes, Global Terror Attacks Hit 7-Year Low

But 2011 still saw more than 10K

(Newser) - Following Osama bin Laden's death , terrorist attacks around the globe dropped to the lowest level since 2005 last year—but there were still 10,283 attacks. That's down from 11,641 in 2010, ABC News reports. In addition to bin Laden's death, the State Department says the... More »

Global Terror Attacks Up, Deaths Down

US report tags Iran as chief state sponsor of terrorism

(Newser) - Last year saw deaths from terrorism drop for the third year in a row, although the number of terror attacks was up slightly, according to the State Department's annual report on global terrorism . Some 13,186 people were killed in 11,500 terror attacks in 72 countries, down from... More »

TSA's New Strategy: Chats With Passengers

Agency plans to borrow security ideas from Israel

(Newser) - Get ready to reveal more than just your underwear at airport security checkpoints: TSA officers plan to start chatting up more passengers as part of the screening process. The agency already has "behavior detection officers" at work in airports across the US, but the new strategy calls for more... More »

Chechen Warlord Claims Moscow Airport Bomb

Doku Umarov threatens more attacks after blast that killed 36

(Newser) - A Chechen militant leader has claimed responsibility for the bombing that killed 36 people at Russia's biggest airport last month. Warlord Doku Umarov appears in a 16-minute video posted online in which he says the suicide bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport was carried out on his orders and warns of... More »

1 Killed, 2 Injured in Stockholm Blasts

Police investigate two explosions as 'terror crimes'

(Newser) - A pair of explosions in central Stockholm yesterday killed one and injured two, the Guardian reports. A Swedish news agency was warned of the blasts minutes before they occurred; an email linked the attacks to Sweden’s military presence in Afghanistan, as well as a Swedish artist’s cartoons of... More »

Stop Worrying About al-Qaeda

We're relatively safe—so now what?

(Newser) - “We’re safer than we think,” declares Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek , “but no one wants to admit it.” It should go without saying that we’re safer than we were nine years ago today. Al-Qaeda used to operate so successfully “because most governments treated the... More »

Attacks on US Hit All-Time High

Homeland Security memo predicts 'increased frequency'

(Newser) - Attempted attacks against America have reached an all-time high, according to the Department of Homeland Security. "The number and pace of attempted attacks against the United States over the past nine months have surpassed the number of attempts during any other previous one-year period," reads the unclassified DHS... More »

Powell Praises 'Gallant Heroes' of United Flight 93

(Newser) - Colin Powell today honored the "gallant heroes" of United Flight 93 who fought back against their hijackers 8 years ago today. At a ceremony in Shanksville, Pa., where the plane went down, he likened them to the "citizen soldiers" who have fought for the US since its inception.... More »

New Yorker Was 'Ready to Deliver Suicide Bomb'

His terrorist handler told him he needed more religious instruction

(Newser) - A Queens man who pleaded guilty to aiding al-Qaeda was ready and willing to deliver a suicide bomb for the terrorist organization, he revealed to investigators. His handlers told 26-year-old Bryant Neal Vinas, however, that he needed more "religious" training before he could carry out such a mission, he... More »

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