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Owner Decides 17-Year-Old Cat Is Worth a $19K Surgery

Betsy Boyd didn't hesitate to pony up money for kidney transplant for her 'muse' Stanley

(Newser) - When Stanley needed a potentially lifesaving kidney transplant, Betsy Boyd didn't blink at coughing up the $19,000 needed to pay for it. What has the generosity of this Baltimore mother of two making headlines, per the Baltimore Sun : That amount is more than 40% of her annual salary,... More »

14% Would Keep Dog, Boot Lover

Women have a tougher time deciding

(Newser) - More evidence of Americans' love affair with pets: Asked whether they'd dump their pet or their significant other if forced to choose, a full 14% said the human would go, according to a new AP/Petside poll. "I would absolutely give up my girlfriend for him," one respondent said.... More »

Wives Say Dogs Listen Better Than Husbands

1 in 3 would rather talk to their pet

(Newser) - A third of married women with pets consider their animals to be better listeners than their husbands, an AP poll found. And it's not just women who reach out for furry support—18% of men say their pets are better listeners than their wives. "You definitely feel much more... More »

Fido Blankets Fur-Ever

(Newser) - Pet lovers can always keep their hounds close with blankets spun from Fido's shed fur, a quirky new product developed by a North Carolina entrepreneur, reports the Los Angeles Times. One golden retriever owner stashed her pet's sheddings for 11 years and now has a nice afghan to show for... More »

4 Stories