Mount Fuji

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Japan Quake Rattled Volcano Into 'Critical State'

Pressure has increased under Mount Fuji

(Newser) - As if Japan's 2011 earthquake and tsunami didn't wreak enough havoc, the country could be facing an additional threat from it: The threat from Mount Fuji, an active volcano, has grown, a study says. The earthquake boosted the pressure under the newly listed World Heritage site, researchers find,... More »

Faultline Could Doom Mt. Fuji

If it shifts, parts of mountain could collapse, say scientists

(Newser) - Because Japan apparently didn't have enough to worry about in the natural-disaster department: Seismologists have discovered a faultline underneath iconic Mt. Fuji near Tokyo, and one bad shift could send parts of the mountain tumbling toward the sea, reports AFP . Tests from a three-year study suggest the fault could... More »

American, Japanese Climbers Die on Mt. Fuji

(Newser) - An American climber and his Japanese colleague have been found frozen to death on Mount Fuji, AP reports. Authorities believe the men, reported missing last weekend, perished on their way down from the summit. The deaths on the famous mountain follow those of ten elderly hikers who died of exposure... More »

3 Stories