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For Some, Vitamin D Pills Might Actually Do Damage

Too much vitamin D can cause kidney stones, nausea

(Newser) - With winter gloom soon to be upon us, more people may turn to vitamin D pills to stay strong. But they should think twice, according to the New England Journal of Medicine . Contrary to reports claiming up to 50% of people are vitamin D deficient, per Medical News Today , researchers... More »

Guns Driving Down Life Expectancy in America

Violence not more common in US, but is more deadly

(Newser) - With six violent deaths per 100,000 people in the United States, by far the highest rate among the world's richest countries, the prevalence of guns—especially unsecured guns—in America is lowering its life expectancy rate, according to a new report by the National Research Council and the... More »

Almost 30% of US Health Care Spending Is Wasted

New report finds $750B in unneeded care, administrative costs, fraud

(Newser) - The US health care system is hopelessly broken, blowing $750 billion a year—or about 30 cents of every dollar that goes into it—on unnecessary procedures, paperwork, fraud, price gouging, and other inefficiencies, a new report from the influential Institute of Medicine has concluded. "Health care in America... More »

Feds Halt Chimp Research

NIH's temporary measure follows critical report

(Newser) - A new report suggests that the use of chimpanzees in health research is rarely justified, and the National Institutes of Health has taken it to heart. The organization has placed a temporary ban on using chimps in new research, "effective immediately," the Washington Post reports. A committee will... More »

Vaccine Doesn't Cause Autism: Latest Panel

New report not likely to change minds

(Newser) - Once again, a panel of experts has determined that a vaccine isn’t to blame for autism—but the latest findings aren’t likely to sway those who disagree, notes the New York Times. The measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, at the center of the debate, “doesn’t cause... More »

Scientists Debate Ending Chimp Research

Ethics, declining usefulness cited for the change

(Newser) - After years of using chimpanzees for scientific research—shooting them into space, testing hepatitis vaccines on them, using them for HIV studies—man's closest relative could be nearing retirement, reports the Washington Post . The European Union banned using chimps for scientific research last year, and now the Institute of... More »

Vitamin D's Vital Role Heads for the Spotlight

(Newser) - Vitamin D is "one hot topic" among nutritionists, the Los Angeles Times reports, and it's about to get hotter. More than 2,000 studies on the so-called sunshine vitamin have been published this year alone, exploring its role in everything from reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer and diabetes... More »

Agent Orange Linked to Risk of Parkinson's, Heart Disease

(Newser) - Exposure to Agent Orange appears to increase the risk of developing heart disease and Parkinson’s, a congressionally mandated report says. The carcinogenic defoliant has not been definitively linked with the illnesses, but a professor who led the report says there is “limited or suggestive evidence of an association.... More »

8 Stories