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Defense Firm's Software Can Track You Online

Raytheon's 'Riot' program combs through social media

(Newser) - Hope you haven't been kidding around about al-Qaeda on Facebook, because new software may have already spotted it. A Massachusetts-based security firm has secretly invented a program called Riot—or Rapid Information Overlay Technology—that can track people on social media and predict their future activities. The multi-billion-dollar company,... More »

Mars Rover Checks In on Foursquare

'Curiosity' hopes to be the planet's mayor soon

(Newser) - Well, now NASA's rover on Mars is just showing off. Curiosity checked in on Foursquare today from the red planet, reports TechCrunch . "One check-in closer to being Mayor of Mars," reads the post from Gale Crater . The rover already is offering tips (bring moisturizer and oxygen), and... More »

Top Apps Download Your Whole Address Book

Twitter, Path blamed in privacy controversy

(Newser) - Leading smartphone apps are taking a lot more of our information than we realize. If you use Twitter's "Find Friends" feature, the company receives every phone number and email address in your address book—a fact that Twitter hadn't clarified, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company... More »

Facebook Kills 'Places'

But location will soon be front and center in all posts

(Newser) - Facebook published a 1,200-word blog post yesterday detailing its latest privacy changes , but one little tidbit is just getting attention today: Toward the end of the post, the social networking site announced it will be “phasing out” Facebook Places, its Foursquare-like check-in service that debuted to much hype... More »

Obama Checks In on Foursquare

Prez becomes highest-profile user of social networking site

(Newser) - The White House has signed up on Foursquare, just in time for President Obama's bus tour of Midwestern states , reports Mashabl e. The White House says the president will be regularly checking in, "and now you’ll be able to discover 'tips' from the White House featuring... More »

7 Startup Ideas That've Been Beaten to Death

Sick of Groupon knockoffs yet?

(Newser) - Sure, maybe the little kid down the block just happened to think of setting up a, um, limeade stand right after you started hawking lemonade, but in the real-life world of startups the consequences are somewhat more serious—and annoying. Business Insider runs down the seven moldiest startup trends out... More »

Look Out, Groupon: Facebook Debuts ‘Deals’

Looks to copy successful group coupon model

(Newser) - In its relentless quest for total world domination, Facebook today unveils its latest ploy: Deals, an unapologetic attempt to capitalize on the bargain-wielding model of Groupon and LivingSocial. Debuting in five test markets—Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, and San Francisco—Deals is separate from the check-in-based deals model it... More »

Military: Don't Use Facebook Places in War Zones

Commanders fear social media could reveal locations to the enemy

(Newser) - The Air Force is warning personnel that while geolocation features like Facebook Places or Foursquare may be a great way to let your buddies know where you're having lunch, you shouldn't use them in war zones. "Careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations security and... More »

Facebook May Doom Little Guys With Mobile 'Deals'

Groupon, Foursquare, Gowalla in trouble

(Newser) - Facebook rolled out some new mobile features yesterday, most notably “Facebook Deals,” a kind of mashup of Foursquare/Gowalla, and Groupon. Users can check in on Facebook Places and get location-sensitive deals from nearby merchants. The Gap, for example, will give out a free pair of jeans to the... More »

Get STD Tested, Then Check in on Foursquare!

MTV's campaign may not work...but if it does, bravo

(Newser) - If you’re as obsessed with location-based services as most people seem to be, you probably love checking in at restaurants, coffee shops, bars…and STD clinics? Maybe not, but that’s what MTV is hoping you’ll do as it launches its “Get Yourself Tested” Foursquare campaign . The... More »

Facebook Places Totally 'Boring': Foursquare Honcho

It has 'barely any incentives,' says Dennis Crowley

(Newser) - Facebook Places may have some privacymongers shaking in their boots , but the guy who co-founded Foursquare isn't so scared. Dennis Crowley basically thinks it's pretty darn boring, he tells the Telegraph . “I have now had a chance to play around with Facebook Places and it’s not that great... More »

ACLU Bemoans Facebook Places, but Many Are Fans

Privacy isn't a concern, say others

(Newser) - Facebook’s highly anticipated “Places” feature is here , and the ACLU is not happy about it. It's taken issue with features that allow your friends to check in for you and allow non-friends to see where you are via “Here Now." It declares (bold theirs) "in ... More »

'Facebook Places' Is a Go

'Facebook Places' lets users find out where their friends are

(Newser) - Facebook users already know what their friends are doing, now they can find out where they're doing it. The social networking giant has unveiled its new "Facebook Places" location-feature, which allows users to "check in" to a location and post it onto their profiles, CNET reports. The feature... More »

Facebook's 'Location' Tool: What You Need to Know

The scoop ahead of today's rumored launch

(Newser) - Looks like Facebook is a fan (ha!) of Foursquare . The social networking giant is expected to announce a Foursquare-inspired, location-based feature at today's press conference at HQ, reports BusinessWeek . Some things to consider ahead of the rumored launch:
  • Purpose: The verdict is still out on whether Facebook's new offering
... More »

Foursquare Apps Help You Avoid Your 'Friends'

Don't want to defriend? No problem, just use these apps

(Newser) - It’s called social networking, but thanks to new apps, Foursquare is getting more anti-social. Avoidr allows you to select which “friends” you want to avoid—it shows you where they've checked in so you don't do the same. Its creator thinks of it as somehow less “passive-aggressive”... More »

China Blocks Foursquare Over Tiananmen

Too many people were posting on the anniversary

(Newser) - This time, it's Foursquare that's earned the wrath of Beijing. The location-based social networking site is blocked throughout China, reports TechBlog86 . Of course, there's no official word from Chinese authorities, but the move came after scores of people virtually checked in to Tiananmen Square to mark yesterday's 21st anniversary and... More »

San Quentin: Yes, It's on Yelp

Many reviews from tourists' ex-cons hate the food

(Newser) - Perhaps he was doing research into convicts and social media , but whatever the reason he was looking, MG Siegler is surprised to find California’s forbidding San Quentin state prison on Yelp (FourSquare, too). And though many of the 19 reviews are dedicated to tours and other open-to-the-public features, there... More »

Foursquare Bounces After Twitter

Users compete in city searches, upload tips

(Newser) - Like Twitter before it, Foursquare must be used before social network afficionados can understand how entertaining it is. Once they do, Foursquare could soon become the new Twitter, says The location-based networking application not only helps friends meet up in key metro hubs, but it also mixes in... More »

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