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Dov Charney's Take on Sex With Co-Workers: 'UNAVOIDABLE!'

American Apparel founder has new brand, same creepy vibe

(Newser) - Dov Charney once ran a pioneering clothing company. Now he sleeps on a mattress on a factory floor. At the Guardian , Hadley Freeman digs deeper into the American Apparel founder's downfall and what he hopes will be his resurrection. Fired from American Apparel in 2014 following accusations of sexual... More »

American Apparel Is No More

It's not even American, really, after Canadian company snaps it up

(Newser) - Ending a two-decade run of clothing made in California, American Apparel will shut its remaining 110 stores, reports the Los Angeles Times . The long-troubled company, which declared bankruptcy in 2015 , has sold to Canadian clothing company Gildan Activewear for $88 million, a transaction that "was always about buying assets... More »

American Apparel Shares 'Lurid Details' About Ex-CEO

Dov Charney denies accusations as defamation suits keep coming

(Newser) - American Apparel has had enough of Dov Charney "suing everyone," including his former company, and is airing some alleged dirty laundry in the hope that it'll halt the lawsuit blitz. The Los Angeles Times reports the company has filed court documents containing what it calls a "... More »

American Apparel Founder Has Just $100K Left

Dov Charney's 2013 salary was $832K

(Newser) - Dov Charney isn't just out at American Apparel—he's down and out, or at least close to it. The officially ousted founder spoke with Bloomberg's Trish Regan, and in a "Market Makers" segment she shares the low points of what they discussed: that he has just... More »

American Apparel Boots Founder, Gets Female CEO

Dov Charney loses consultant role

(Newser) - American Apparel has fired founder Dov Charney and named longtime fashion executive Paula Schneider to be its first female CEO. The company's board voted to oust Charney as CEO in June , citing allegations of misconduct. He was suspended but still served as a consultant to American Apparel. The company,... More »

American Apparel Posts Challenger Pic as ... Fireworks

Clothing company says sorry, blames foreign person

(Newser) - American Apparel posted a photo of the Challenger disaster as an image of fireworks, and then blamed ... a foreign employee for screwing up. So ousted CEO Dov Charney is the company's PR disaster? Well, the company duly apologized yesterday for posting a photo of the 1986 explosion, which killed... More »

Nude Photos Sunk American Apparel Founder

Dov Charney allegedly allowed them to be posted

(Newser) - Dov Charney has faced years of sexual harassment complaints—so what was the final straw that got him booted as American Apparel's CEO ? Nude photos, according to an insider who spoke to the New York Times . The source says Charney knew that one of his employees planned to... More »

American Apparel Dumps Controversial CEO

Dov Charney will 'fight like hell to get his company back'

(Newser) - Controversial American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is getting the boot. After years of lawsuits and sexual harassment allegations, the Los Angeles Times reports that the company's board voted unanimously to terminate Charney yesterday, a decision that "grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct" after "new... More »

American Apparel CEO Hit With $250M Teen Sex Suit

Dov Charney accused of forcing sex on young employee

(Newser) - A former employee has accused American Apparel's founder of turning her into a sex slave, and is suing him for $250 million—more than triple what the company is worth. Irene Morales, now 20, alleges that Dov Charney began sexually harassing her when she was 17 and ordered her to... More »

Why I'm Done With American Apparel

One longtime fan has had enough of the skeevy sexism

(Newser) - Emma Silvers has had “a conflicted, guilt-ridden love affair” with American Apparel since the first time she encountered its “baffling dresses that claimed to be 14 styles in one” and its “endearing insistence that gold lamé was an appropriate material for a swimsuit.” The company's “... More »

Rimes' Marriage Hits Skids, Too

Plus, Mr. Winehouse gets his own headline

(Newser) - Days after Eddie Cibrian’s wife announced their separation, Cibrian’s Northern Lights co-star—and rumored lover—LeAnn Rimes’ hubby is addressing reports their marriage is also over, the New York Daily News reports. Dean Sheremet recently Twittered, “Thanks to everyone for all the support through a very difficult... More »

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