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'Mount Doom' Set to Erupt

'Lord of the Rings ' volcano could disrupt 'Hobbit ' premiere

(Newser) - Temperatures are fluctuating wildly at one of two volcanoes Peter Jackson used as "Mount Doom" in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, and scientists believe an eruption at Mount Ruapehu on New Zealand's North Island could happen any day. Ruapehu is the country's largest active volcano and... More »

NZ Woman Rescued From Too-Friendly Dolphin

(Newser) - Moko, the famously friendly dolphin who hangs around the beach in Mahia, New Zealand, nearly accidentally killed a woman yesterday, the Gisborne Herald reports. The woman had been playing with the dolphin, and it refused to let her return to shore. "When I wanted to go back in, he... More »

2 Stories