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'I Looked at It. It Was Moving' Woman Pulls Worms From Eyes

Oregon woman plagued by parasite that plagues cattle

(Newser) - An Oregon woman who had worms coming out of her eye is being called the first known human case of a parasitic infection spread by flies. Fourteen tiny worms were removed from the left eye of the 26-year-old woman in August 2016. Scientists reported the case Monday. The woman, Abby... More »

Huge-Jawed Worm Species Terrorized Fish 400M Years Ago

The new species was discovered in storage at a Canadian museum

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered a giant worm—no, not this guy —that terrorized fish, octopuses, and squids with its comparatively massive jaws 400 million years ago. UPI reports the fossil was dug up at Canada's Kwataboahegan Formation back in the mid-1990s and had been in storage at the Royal... More »

Parasitic Worm May Make Women More Fertile

Women infected have an average of 2 more kids than others

(Newser) - A roundworm infection is bad news for a number of reasons, but it's possibly a bonus if you're trying to get pregnant. In a nine-year study that one fertility scientist says raises the possibility of "novel fertility-enhancing drugs," researchers analyzed 986 Tsimane indigenous women in Bolivia,... More »

Snail-Devouring Worm Has Invaded Florida

Invasive New Guinea flatworm will even chase its prey up trees

(Newser) - It's considered one of the " world's worst invasive alien species ," sucks snails into a ravenous mouth located in the middle of its belly, and has now invaded US shores for the first time. "It" is the New Guinea flatworm, and researchers are afraid that now... More »

Eureka! Navigation Clue Found in a Worm's Brain

Scientists discover first-ever magnetic sensor in an animal

(Newser) - A tiny find in a worm-sized brain could give scientists a far greater understanding of how animals use the Earth's magnetic field, phys.org reports. In a lab at the University of Austin in Texas, certain hungry worms were found to move down in gelatin-filled tubes, perhaps in their... More »

Scientists Make a Robot With a Worm's 'Mind'

Lego invention moves without being programmed

(Newser) - They're not quite at the point where they can implant a human brain into a robot—but scientists have taken a step closer. They've simulated the simple and well-studied nervous system of the Caenorhabditis elegans roundworm and stuck it in a robot, the Smithsonian reports. First, they mapped... More »

Source of Man's Headaches: Tapeworm in Brain

Tapeworm was in there for 4 years

(Newser) - A UK resident who suffered headaches and seizures for four years was ultimately handed an unusual explanation for his woes: There was a worm in his brain, reports the Guardian . Specifically, doctors removed a 1-centimeter-long tapeworm called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei. Based on scans taken over several years, the worm traveled about... More »

Animal Gets Head Cut Off, Remembers Everything

Planarians mystify us with ability to regenerate body parts

(Newser) - Ever heard of planarians? These inch-long worms are famous for their remarkable ability to regrow body parts that get cut off. Slice one worm into three parts—head, body, and tail—and each part will regrow the rest of the worm. From one planarian, you get three! How they do... More »

Doctors Find 5-Inch Worm Living in Man's Eye

Indian man undergoes 15-minute operation for worm removal

(Newser) - Doctors in India examined a man suffering from eye irritation and found a five-inch worm living inside his eye socket, the Daily Mail reports. PK Krishnamurthy, 75, had taken medication for eye discomfort, but went back to a Mumbai hospital when his eye problems continued. "Mr Krishnamurthy was lucky... More »

Facebook Closes 45K Accounts to Stop 'Worm'

Ramnit worm steals login info, spreads nasty links

(Newser) - Facebook has temporarily shut down about 45,000 accounts to protect users from a worm that steals login information and spreads malicious links, the Telegraph reports. Called Ramnit, the worm has been proliferating since April 2010 but only recently adapted to Facebook accounts. Most of the victims are in Britain... More »

'Worms From Hell' Could Mean Life on Mars

Discovery of complex life deep below the Earth's surface raises new questions

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the first complex creatures living a mile or more below the surface of the Earth, unlocking the possibility that similar organisms are elsewhere in the universe, the Washington Post reports. Researchers found the group of nematodes, or roundworms, in water flowing through several gold mines in South... More »

Stuxnet Worm Built to Feast on Nuclear Centrifuges

Virus had one job: Foil Tehran nukes

(Newser) - A bit more light has been shed on the Stuxnet computer worm that wreaked havoc in Iran: it was tailor-made to go after nuclear centrifuges in ingenious fashion, the New York Times reports. It now looks pretty certain the worm was unleashed specifically to derail Tehran's nuclear work. As for... More »

'Weapon Worm' Infects Iran Nuke Plant

But out-of-control malware is exacting 'collateral damage' in digital battle

(Newser) - What may be the world's first major "weapon worm" has already infected workers' personal computers at Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility just weeks before the power station is set to go online, officials have confirmed. Experts believe the damaging Stuxnet worm is the work of engineers so organized and well-funded... More »

iPhone Hacker Gets Job Writing Apps

21-year-old is hired by an Australian tech company

(Newser) - The 21-year-old who created the first-ever iPhone worm has landed a job developing apps for the phone. Ashley Towns revealed via his Twitter account that he's been hired by Australia's monogeneration. Towns has said he created the "ikee" worm—it changed users' wallpaper into a photo of Rick Astley—... More »

Conficker Worm's Still Out There ... Doing Nothing

(Newser) - An April Fools information apocalypse did not occur, but the widespread Conficker virus that caused so much fear of is still out there, CNN reports. Experts are puzzled over the lack of an attack, but the sheer size of the Conficker infection—5 million computers—yields a clue. “The... More »

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