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The Worst Soft Drinks Ever

Coke's Vio is only the latest in ill-conceived beverages

(Newser) - Coke is currently testing Vio, a carbonated-milk drink it hopes will capture the US market—but Time is a little skeptical. Here are some other misbegotten beverage ideas:
  • Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water. Prominent placement of the Coors logo made the company’s spring water look a lot like a
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Coke Tests Milk Soft Drink in NY

Trial period for 'Vio' will assess whether US is ready for carbonated milk beverages

(Newser) - Coca-Cola has launched a consumer trial of Vio, a “vibrancy” soft drink that combines skimmed milk with a carbonated fruit soda, the Guardian reports. Vio is available only in New York as Coke measures demand for the beverage. Milk-based soft drinks are popular in Asia but have yet to... More »

2 Stories