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Her Boss Gave Her an Exam. Then Her TP Turned Purple

Gynecologist doesn't lose license after dyeing employee's vagina purple (yes, you read that right)

(Newser) - If "gynecologist keeps his license after dyeing employee's vagina purple as a 'joke'" isn't a headline that catches your attention, stop reading. For everyone else: This case out of Colorado, in which even the judge uttered an "oh my God," involves Dr. Barry... More »

'Pink Chicken' Mystery Solved

Birds' owner says he dyed them to 'make people smile'

(Newser) - Portland's pink chickens are no longer a mystery. Multnomah County Animal Services says the birds' owner told the agency he used food coloring, beet juice, and Kool-Aid to dye the two birds, then released them to "make people smile." Owner Bruce Whitman of Portland says the prank... More »

River Turns Blood-Red in an Hour

Chinese company may have dumped red dye: officials

(Newser) - A river in China that looked just fine at 5am had turned blood-red about an hour later and was emitting an odd smell, ABC News reports. Environmental inspectors in Zhejiang province said they haven't found a cause yet but suspect illegal dumping of artificial coloring. Whoever did it "... More »

Dye Trap Nabs Green-Faced Thief

London police testing invisible spray

(Newser) - A luckless thief in London was caught not red-handed, but green-faced after breaking into a police "decoy car" equipped with a dye trap, the BBC reports. The 28-year-old, who stole a laptop and other items from the car, was arrested when the system alerted police to the theft and... More »

Amid Drought, Homeowners 'Fix' Lawns With ... Paint

Using green dye on brown grass is catching on, says AP

(Newser) - Is your lawn wilting into a brown wasteland because of the drought? Consider a paint job. That's the solution many are relying on to give their dead yards the look of blooming green life as the worst drought in decades parches a huge expanse of the US. One New... More »

Could Toxins in Tattoo Ink Cause Skin Cancer?

Much remains unknown about the long-term risks

(Newser) - Before you get a butterfly stamped on your back, take heed: Tattoo inks can cause rashes, infections, and inflammation, and doctors still aren’t sure how the inks’ chemicals—which eventually migrate into the lymph nodes—behave in the long term. A chemical in black inks called benzo(a)pyrene, for example,... More »

Need a Real Change? Dye Your Hair

Hair color is the cheapest, quickest transformation around

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions pretty much never stick, and if they miraculously do, they take time—with one exception: hair dye. “Resolutions to eat more fruit and meditate every day and read Virgil are fine for the long-range self-improvement plans,” writes Mary Elizabeth Williams for Salon , but “... More »

Blue Food Dye May Help Treat Spinal Injury

M&M coloring, if taken in time, could reduce paralysis, study finds

(Newser) - A dye used to color blue M&Ms and Gatorade may have a higher calling: Scientists say it could help treat spinal-cord injury, ScienceBlog reports. After a spinal injury, a chemical called ATP, usually key to cells’ health, rushes to the site and kills cells, worsening paralysis. With more research,... More »

8 Stories