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Target Recalls Easter Toys That Could Expand in Kids' Stomachs

CPSC issues pullback of 560K 'Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs'

(Newser) - No injuries have been reported yet, but some parents will have to alter their gift-giving plans after Target pulled back more than half a million Easter toys it says could be hazardous and even life-threatening for kids, NBC News reports. A Consumer Product Safety Commission "Fast Track" recall was... More »

Why Your Next Easter Basket May Be Light on Peeps

Just Born confectionary workers have gone on strike during busy holiday push

(Newser) - Valentine's Day and Easter may feel ages away, but for workers on the Peeps assembly line, those celebrations are right around the corner—and that's why the strike they started Wednesday comes at an especially inconvenient time, CNBC reports. Per PhillyVoice.com , about 400 workers from the Just... More »

World-Record Egg Hunt Descends Into Chaos

Also, no record as crowd scrambles for 510K eggs in Sacramento

(Newser) - In 2007, a Florida Easter egg hunt featured a record-setting 501,000 eggs; yesterday, Sacramento, Calif., sought to break that record with 510,000. But things didn't quite go according to plan, the Sacramento Bee reports. Instead of waiting for all the eggs to be distributed and organizers to... More »

US Pigs Are Too Fat for Thanksgiving Table

Farmers bulked up hogs after virus, but now too big for popular spiral-cut hams

(Newser) - We use almost every part of the pig imaginable—even the blood, glands, and bones, the Atlantic reports—but when it comes to holiday dinners, Americans are very specific about what they want to serve: Spiral-cut ham , averaging about 7 pounds, is the most popular choice, Bloomberg reports. But there'... More »

Historian: Shroud of Turin a Medieval Prop

Charles Freeman dug through descriptions, depictions of it

(Newser) - You can add one more name to the list of those claiming the Shroud of Turin dates only to medieval times . According to British historian Charles Freeman, Jesus' supposed burial cloth—believed by many to show his image after crucifixion—is a 14th-century prop that was likely used during an... More »

Right Slaps Google Over Cesar Chavez Doodle on Easter

Search engine celebrates leader's birthday

(Newser) - Yesterday's Google Doodle completely ignored Easter in favor of Cesar Chavez's birthday, and conservatives are livid, Politico reports. "While two billion Christians around the world celebrate Easter Sunday on this 31st day of March, Google is using its famous ‘Doodle’ search logo art to mark the... More »

Boy Finds Live Grenade at Easter Egg Hunt

Bomb squad detonates scary 'egg'

(Newser) - Sometimes Easter's not all it's cracked up to be. Ask the parents of a 3-year-old British boy who ended up standing on a live grenade at an Easter egg hunt. "It was brown and about four inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was... More »

Child Killed in Easter Church Collapse

Floor caves in at France church popular with Haitian community

(Newser) - A 6-year-old child was killed and 32 people were injured when the first floor of a building in France used as a church popular with the Haitian community collapsed during an Easter celebration north of Paris. Some 100 worshipers were evacuated after the tragedy in the middle of an afternoon... More »

Eggs-treme Parents Force Easter Hunt Cancellation

Too-aggressive mom, dad hopped to help their kids

(Newser) - How aggressive were the parents at last year's Colorado Springs Easter egg hunt (which, yes, is a hunt designed for their kids)? Well, the event has been canceled this year. The scene last April: Parents jumped a rope early to nudge their children toward plastic eggs filled with candy.... More »

Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From?

Thank the Germans—maybe

(Newser) - Take a break from the Cadbury Cream Eggs and study up on a little Easter trivia. Namely: Why is there an Easter Bunny? And why does said bunny hide eggs? The San Jose Mercury News takes a look at the furry creature's fuzzy origins. Some say he hopped on... More »

'Divine Reason' Behind Humanity, Creation: Pope

Easter Vigil homily emphasizes God's role in humanity

(Newser) - There is "divine reason" behind creation and humanity, said Pope Benedict XVI in his Easter Vigil homily yesterday. "Are irrationality, lack of freedom, and pure chance the origin of everything, or are reason, freedom, and love at the origin of being?" he asked. "If man were merely... More »

We've Got Last Supper Date All Wrong: Prof

His explanation could provide a fixed date for Easter

(Newser) - Fascinating new information to keep in mind in the week leading up to Easter: Christians have been marking Jesus's Last Supper on the wrong day, according to a Cambridge professor. Rather than being held on Maundy Thursday, the day before Friday's crucifixion, the Last Supper actually occurred on... More »

Guy Exists on Beer Alone for Lent

Man says he is drinking only 'liquid bread' to 'educate' people

(Newser) - Whereas some people might give up alcohol for Lent, a 38-year-old Iowa man is existing on nothing but, reports the Chicago Tribune . J. Wilson, a beer aficionado and blogger, said he came up with the idea when reading about German monks who did not eat during Lent, but who drank... More »

Health Reform Support Stings NH Congresspeople

Reps. Shea-Porter and Hodes get earful at recess public meeting

(Newser) - New Hampshire’s two congresspeople, both Democrats, have spent a good part of the Easter recess reliving last summer's town hall ire over health care reform. In meetings with their constituents over the break, both Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes got an earful over their yea votes for the new... More »

Stars Rock Obama Easter Egg Roll

'Ready, Set, Go!' theme includes bunny in sweats, Justin Bieber?

(Newser) - The White House hosts its annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn today, staying admirably on-message with an anti-obesity/exercise-themed event. “Ready, Set Go!” is the slogan, helped along by sports activities, but much of the kids' attention will likely go to performances by Sara Bareilles, Justin Bieber,... More »

Gangs Riot in Times Square

Three shot, 30 arrested in annual 'gang initiation day'

(Newser) - Flocksof gangbangers descended on Times Square to wreak havoc last night, in what has become something of an Easter tradition. Hundreds of police were on hand, but they struggled to disperse the young people as they burst into stores and harassed pedestrians. “There's a lot of young kids outside... More »

Teens at Easter Egg Hunt Find Dead Body

Grisly discovery made in Des Moines park

(Newser) - An Easter egg hunt came to a startling end for two teenagers who accompanied their younger siblings to the event: They found a body in a Des Moines park. The unidentified man didn't appear to be a victim of foul play, police said. "I guess the children who found... More »

Obama Plans Easter Resurrection for Health Care

But master plan meets resistance as House afraid to vote first

(Newser) - The health care reform bill was, in a sense, born on Christmas Eve, and now Barack Obama’s hoping to resurrect it just in time for Easter, writes John Dickerson. According to the plan Obama sent congressional leadership, the Senate would vote through changes to its bill using reconciliation, holding... More »

Bono: 'It's Not Charity, It's Justice'

Singer-turned-activists says Easter is time to reflect on priorities

(Newser) - Bono returns to his New York Times guest columnist spot a week after Easter with a spiritual meditation about the holiday and economics. The season of Lent is not just a time for individual reflection, opines the singer, but also for rethinking our social priorities. Of global projects like the... More »

Obamas Host Easter Egg Roll

(Newser) - President Obama hosted his first White House Easter Egg roll today, telling the crowd it was one of his favorite traditions because “it reminds us that this is the people’s house.” To reflect that idea, the Obamas strove to have a diverse crowd, setting aside a block... More »

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