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Wikipedia Editors Blast Blackout

They prefer neutrality over advocacy

(Newser) - Switzerland: It's not just an entry on Wikipedia—it's what some volunteer editors would like to be in the SOPA ruckus. In a word, neutral. In light of today's SOPA/PIPA blackout , the AP speaks with editors who aren't too pleased with the site's foray into... More »

China Blacks Out Trainwreck Coverage

Criticism mounting over Beijing's handling of accident that killed at least 40

(Newser) - China has been taking increasing heat over last weekend's fatal collision between two bullet trains , so it has, predictably, decided to get out of the kitchen. Facing a barrage of criticism that it put whiz-bang technological advances ahead of the safety of its citizenry, Beijing late Friday shut down... More »

Palin Plans Media Kiss-Off for China Talk

Foray into foreign affairs will unfold behind closed doors

(Newser) - A speech Sarah Palin plans for later this month in Hong Kong won’t leave the room, CNN reports. Not only will reporters not be allowed in, but they won’t even know what they’re missing. “We are not disclosing the topic of Sarah Palin's presentation at this... More »

Afghanistan Forbids Reports on Election Violence

Karzai government says gag will 'control the negative impact of the media'

(Newser) - The Afghan government ordered journalists to stay silent on any insurgent attacks that may happen during the presidential election Thursday, the Guardian reports. The gag order is necessary in order “to encourage people and raise their morale to come out and vote,” said a spokesman for President Karzai.... More »

Men's Sites Want Less Megan Fox

Plus, Madonna is a writer—in Israel

(Newser) - Men are already sick of Megan Fox, with a dozen male-focused websites calling for a media blackout of the Transformers star Aug. 4, the New York Daily News reports. “You can have too much of a good thing,” says the editor of Elsewhere:
  • Madonna’s newest
... More »

5 Stories