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Motto for Our Era: Don't Blame Me

Responsibility is a 'forgotten value,' says Frank Rich

(Newser) - Watching Alan Greenspan's don't-blame-me testimony on Capitol Hill leads Frank Rich to pronounce that "we live in a culture where accountability and responsibility are forgotten values." It's always somebody else's fault. This goes beyond the financial sector, with hollow apologies and obfuscations cropping up everywhere from the Vatican... More »

Why Congress Won't Face the Fat Problem

Lawmakers fear giving US 'bad news'—especially while munching Doritos

(Newser) - Congress is “in denial” on one key health issue: obesity, writes Lisa Lerer for Politico. Obesity-related illnesses reportedly cost $147 billion, or 10% of medical spending, last year—and lawmakers say they’re focused on cost-cutting. But, experts say, “no one wants to tell Americans the bad news.... More »

2 Stories