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Blue Dog Dems Ousted in Pennsylvania

Redistricting leads to primary losses for Holden, Altmire

(Newser) - Conservative, "Blue Dog" Democrats became even more of an endangered species after a pair of primary defeats in Pennsylvania Tuesday. Rep. Tim Holden—the dean of the state's Congressional delegation—was defeated in a redrawn district by lawyer Matt Cartwright, who attacked Holden for voting against ObamaCare, the... More »

Ark. Blue Dog Mike Ross Won't Seek Reelection

Right-leaning Dem weighs Arkansas gubernatorial run after 6 House terms

(Newser) - Democrat Mike Ross won’t seek a seventh term in Congress, the Arkansas rep said today. A leader of the Blue Dog Coalition of fiscally conservative Democrats, Ross said he’s considering running for governor in his home state, and another congressional term would conflict with a possible 2014 campaign.... More »

Biden Tries to Quell Democrat Rebellion in House

House Democrats band together to decry deal

(Newser) - Joe Biden will head to Capitol Hill today in an attempt to win over Democrats furious about President Obama’s deal on the Bush tax cuts. Democratic lawmakers discovered a shocking level of consensus when they huddled to discuss the deal yesterday, the Huffington Post reports: Every last speaker agreed... More »

Blue Dog Rep Jokes Pelosi 'Might Die'

Red state Dems distance themselves from speaker

(Newser) - When asked if he would back Nancy Pelosi’s bid to remain speaker of the House, Alabama Democrat Bobby Bright dodged. Maybe the speaker wouldn’t run, he said, adding jokingly, “Heck, she might even get sick and die.” This lighthearted jape drew laughter from all present, the... More »

'No' Votes Adding Up to Trouble for Pelosi

She can't afford any more defections

(Newser) - A new survey of Democrats could mean a big political headache for Nancy Pelosi. The Hill rounds up 25 in the House who are expected to vote "no" on health care reform. Pelosi can afford no more than 37 defections, and the count doesn't include the 12 Stupak Democrats... More »

GOP Hopes Blue Dogs Can Kill Health Bill

Republicans see Democratic split in House as last chance

(Newser) - Republicans’ latest strategy in their war against health care reform: Get the Blue Dogs to kill the bill for them. With the public increasingly weary of congressional gridlock, the Republicans would rather the bill die “without their fingerprints on the body,” writes David Rogers of Politico . They also... More »

Democrats Rebel Against Pelosi Rule

In the House, an 'every man for himself' mentality setting in

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi’s grip on the Democratic caucus is slipping, with subtle and not-so-subtle challenges to her authority coming with increasing regularity. She couldn’t, for example, muster enough votes to get the Senate’s $15 billion jobs bill through without amendments, because of objections from the Blue Dogs on... More »

Blue Dog Tanner Retiring

NRCC gleeful at Tennessee Democrat's retirement

(Newser) - Blue Dog Coalition co-founder John Tanner will be calling it a day next year after 11 terms in Congress. The Tennessee Democrat hasn't faced serious opposition since first being elected to Congress, but was likely to meet a strong Republican challenger in 2010, Hotline notes. "Rep. Tanner wisely threw... More »

House Dems Back to Work in Same Quagmire

Public health insurance option still splitting party after hectic summer break

(Newser) - House Democrats returned to work yesterday in the same position they were in before they spent their summer break getting an earful from the public, the Washington Post reports. House lawmakers are still expected to move first on the health care bill. But while broad support remains for some kind... More »

Blue Dogs Aren't Centrists, They're Greedy

(Newser) - Blue Dog Democrats might represent more socially conservative constituencies than their liberal brethren, but that's no reason to take pro-corporate stances on everything from the mortgage market to health care reform. Thomas Frank has a simpler explanation: They're in it for the cash. The Blue Dogs are "champion fundraisers,... More »

Health Industry Rains Cash on Blue Dog Dems

(Newser) - The Blue Dogs—the 52 fiscally conservative Democrats who have been fighting to kill health care reform proposals the industry doesn’t like—receive far more money from that industry than their non-coalition-member counterparts, the Washington Post reports. The reform push has been a boon for the lawmakers' ledgers; the... More »

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