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SF to Google: Move Your 'Mystery Barge'

SF Bay structure 'needs to move,' state says

(Newser) - Google is going to have to start searching for a new site for the " mystery barge " it has had parked in San Francisco Bay for months. Local officials following up on complaints found that neither the city nor the Treasure Island Development Authority had applied for the necessary... More »

Google: Secretive Mystery Barges Are 'Learning Centers'

Finally explains barge projects

(Newser) - Google has put an end to the tech world's gleeful speculation—those barge projects are more floating classroom than floating datacenter or floating luxury showroom . A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch , "Although it's still early days and things may change, we're exploring using the barge as an... More »

Mississippi River Shut Down After Oil Barge Crash

Investigators not sure how large spill is

(Newser) - Oil spilled into the Mississippi River yesterday when a barge carrying 80,000 gallons of it hit a railroad bridge in Vicksburg, Miss., the AP reports. Investigators don't know how much oil spilled, but a sheen was reported as far as three miles downriver. A second barge owned by... More »

BP Constructs 'Floating Hotels' for Workers

Living quarters are spartan, but come with soap

(Newser) - BP has built floating hotels—or 'flotels'—to accommodate more than 500 workers hired to clean up the disastrous Gulf spill . Conditions are spartan: Each facility consists of 40-foot-long corrugated steel boxes stacked two high and three wide atop a barge in the Gulf of Mexico. But the military-style quarters... More »

Find a Second Home Afloat—for Less

Barges or an ocean condo offer less cost, commitment than owning a yacht

(Newser) - A boat makes a great getaway home, but mooring and maintenance can turn ownership into an expensive hassle. A few alternatives have cropped up that offer the pleasures of sea living without requiring the vacationer to buy in hook, line, and sinker, USA Today reports:
  • The World. The first condo
... More »

5 Stories