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Did Huckabee Sanders Deserve It? 2 Opposing Views

'Washington Post' says Trump officials should be able to 'eat in peace.' A columnist disagrees

(Newser) - Did a Virginia restaurateur go too far by asking Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave her establishment? The incident came after the Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen and top Trump aide Stephen Miller were publicly heckled at DC restaurants. Below are two different views on whether this kind of thing is... More »

Wolff's Take on 'Anomalous' Trump: 'Is Something Wrong?'

'Fire and Fury' author has more to say on president in new 'Guardian' interview

(Newser) - Michael Wolff continues to make the media rounds to chat about his White House exposé Fire and Fury , and his latest sit-down was with the Guardian , which he hosted at his NYC apartment. Wolff (a co-founder of Newser) says the revelations in his book are "all explosive," and... More »

Walmart's Shifting Strategy Is a Gut Punch to Rural US

For Exhibit A, look to McDowell County in West Virginia

(Newser) - Reporter Ed Pilkington points out in the Guardian that much has been written about what happens when Walmart opens a store in a particular community. Less so about what happens when Walmart closes a store. Thus, he digs into the consequences for rural McDowell County in West Virginia, where the... More »

'Hermit' on His 27 Years of Isolation: 'It's a Mystery'

Christopher Knight became known among locals for being the neatest burglar ever

(Newser) - When he was 20 years old, an introverted young man named Christopher Knight hopped in his car with a tent and backpack, drove into the most remote reaches of Maine, and, "without knowing where he was going, with no particular place in mind, he stepped into the trees and... More »

Rand Paul 'Walks Out' on Interview

GOP presidential contender disagrees and leaves

(Newser) - Rand Paul cut a media interview short yesterday and walked off when pressed over a specific issue—but it's not clear whether Paul was miffed or just out of time. Interviewing him over the app Periscope, Guardian reporter Paul Lewis asked whether the GOP presidential contender's passion for... More »

Guardian Has Published Just 1% of Snowden Materials: Editor

Alan Rusbridger faces questions over national security

(Newser) - The Guardian has only published about 1% of some 58,000 files leaked by Edward Snowden—and it's unlikely to "publish a huge amount more," says editor Alan Rusbridger. He spoke to a British parliamentary committee as he faces scrutiny over whether the paper had weakened national... More »

NSA's Aim: To 'Utterly Master' Intelligence

NY Times offers in-depth look at 'omniscient' agency's operations

(Newser) - A lengthy report in the New York Times , based on thousands of documents shared by the Guardian via Edward Snowden, offers an in-depth look at an agency that can "seem omniscient," with eyes everywhere tracking even the smallest matters. The material obtained—whether years of stored text messages,... More »

Greenwald Quits Guardian to Start News Site

Glenn Greenwald says it's a 'dream journalistic opportunity'

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald , the journalist who made the UK's Guardian a must-read in America by breaking major NSA scoops, is leaving the paper for a new media organization. Greenwald says he had not intended to announce his departure just yet, but the news was revealed by BuzzFeed yesterday. "... More »

Editor: I Wouldn't Have Published Snowden's Secrets

2 UK newspapers slam the Guardian for risking national security

(Newser) - Snaring access to Edward Snowden, and all the documents in his possession, has generally been regarded a huge coup for the Guardian newspaper. But at least two other British newspapers don't agree. Following claims by MI5's new chief that the paper's exposes have been a "guide... More »

Guardian, Under Siege, Teams With NYT on Snowden

Two newspapers will collaborate on coverage

(Newser) - The Guardian newspaper is taking so much harassment from the British government over its coverage of the Edward Snowden revelations that it has teamed up with the New York Times, reports Ben Smith at BuzzFeed . One apparent reason: The US has stronger protections of press freedom under the First Amendment.... More »

UK Made Guardian Destroy Hard Drives: Editor

Wanted to stop Snowden reporting, Alan Rusbridger says

(Newser) - The UK's interference with the Guardian's Snowden reporting apparently goes deeper than just the detention of Glenn Greenwald's partner . In a new opinion piece in the Guardian , editor Alan Rusbridger says that over the course of the past two months, the British government repeatedly demanded "the... More »

World to Get Its Tallest Dam

1,030-footer gets OK from environmental ministry

(Newser) - The title of world's tallest dam may shift to a new country in a decade's time. Plans for a 1,030-foot dam—45 feet taller than the current title holder, Tajikistan's Nurek dam—have gotten the green light from China's environmental ministry. The $4.4 billion... More »

Today's Best April Fool's Stories

Twitter, Google, and Virgin roll out doozeys

(Newser) - You may have seen Google's plan to "shut down YouTube," but that wasn't the only media-perpetrated April Fool's prank today, CNN reports. Among the day's best:
  • Twitter (sorry, "Twttr") announced that vowels are no longer permitted in tweets, so as to facilitate
... More »

Murdoch Exec Resigns Amid WSJ Circulation Questions

One company was promised positive articles for buying up papers: Guardian

(Newser) - A top executive in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has quit after questions were raised about possible manipulation of circulation figures of the Wall Street Journal's Europe edition. Andrew Langhoff resigned as publishing chief of Dow Jones & Co. after the Guardian reported that the newspaper had devised a... More »

WikiLeaks Blames Guardian for Cable Leak

Newspaper leaked password for unredacted files, WikiLeaks complains

(Newser) - A lesson in the importance of changing your passwords, courtesy of WikiLeaks and the Guardian : An unredacted version of WikiLeaks' entire trove of US diplomatic cables has been leaked online and WikiLeaks says it's all the newspaper's fault, the BBC reports. A message from the site posted on... More »

Guardian Journo: I Hacked Phones, Too

Sought out 'bribery and corruption,' not 'tittle tattle'

(Newser) - In a sort of odd pot-meets-kettle situation, a Guardian investigations editor who was on the team that helped blow the lid on the News of the World scandal himself admitted to hacking ... in 2006. Following NotW royal editor Clive Goodman’s guilty plea, David Leigh wrote that he had hacked... More »

Russia Expels Journalist After WikiLeaks Stories

'The Guardian' correspondent wrote articles critical of Putin

(Newser) - This won't help the perception that Vladimir Putin is a wee bit thin-skinned: When a British reporter tried to re-enter Russia after writing a series of damning articles based on the WikiLeaks cables, he got this message from a security official: "For you, Russia is closed," reports the... More »

Assange Threatens to Sue Guardian

Assange reportedly opposed redacting names in documents

(Newser) - Julian Assange maybe be dedicated to exposing government communications, but when others communicate information about him that he dislikes, he's apparently not so open. Assange is threatening to sue the Guardian newspaper for libel; the Independent reports that he's believed to be upset that a book published by the newspaper... More »

Times, Guardian Vow to Back Assange in Court

If he's ever prosecuted for his WikiLeaking ways

(Newser) - If the US ever tries to prosecute Julian Assange for his various information leaks, the editors of the Guardian and the New York Times say they’d have his back. “If, God forbid, ever this came to court, I would be completely side-by-side with him,” said Guardian editor... More »

Assange Threatened to Sue Guardian Over Leaked Cables

Vanity Fair probes WikiLeaks' relationship with media partners

(Newser) - Julian Assange, allegedly a slave to transparency, threatened to sue the Guardian if it printed stories based on cables leaked without his permission, according to a lengthy Vanity Fair investigation of WikiLeaks' troubled relationship with its media partners. The threat came after a disgruntled WikiLeaks volunteer gave the newspaper documents... More »

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