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The Root of All Evil: Men's Sex Drive

Male desire for battle is deeply rooted in our genes: British study

(Newser) - Wars, brawls, defense budgets, riots: All of these aggressive male by-products are genetically rooted in men's drive to win as many mates as possible, according to British scientists. A study published this week blames the world's conflicts on this male "tribal" attitude, saying it "might not... More »

Guys Think About Sex 19 Times a Day

For women, it's about half that: Study

(Newser) - So maybe men don't really think about sex every seven seconds, as one famous study claimed a while back. Maybe they just think about it 18.6 times a day. And women think about it 9.9 times a day. A new study out of Ohio State University gave... More »

Bisexual Guys Do Exist

Refutes 2005 study that found male bisexuality was unproven

(Newser) - There's good news out there for men who have ever been attracted to both men and women: Unlike the unicorn, you are real. Or so says a Northwestern University study, which goes a long way toward refuting a controversial 2005 study that found that “with respect to sexual... More »

Staying Healthy Boosts 'Sexual Life Expectancy'

Study finds that the average sex life ends before 70

(Newser) - The average person's sex life is history by the time they're 70, but "sexual life expectancy" can be extended if people stay in good health, a new study says. Researchers looked at surveys involving thousands of elderly people and found that older people in better health were nearly twice... More »

Men Spend a Full Year Ogling Opposite Sex

Males ogle women for a solid year of their lives, study finds

(Newser) - Men check out 10 women every day, spending an average of 43 minutes with their eyes fixated on a member of the opposite sex—adding up to a full year over a lifetime, researchers tell the Sun. A Kodak Lens Vision study found that the wandering eye is not unique... More »

Not Feeling Sexy? 'Just Do It.'

New book reveals reasons behind lack of sex in marriage

(Newser) - Why does passion so often fizzle in a marriage? Prepare to be shocked: Bettina Arndt’s The Sex Diaries reveals the reasons aren’t what you think, the Daily Mail reports. Included in the nearly 100 couples who kept diaries for a year are many men who love their wives... More »

6 Stories