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'Tree Man' to Have Bark-Like Warts Removed

The growths weigh more than 11 pounds

(Newser) - A father and former bicycle puller is gearing up for major surgery at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh to remove more than 11 pounds of bark-like warts on his hands and feet that have earned him the nickname "tree man." The 26-year-old tells AFP he has... More »

Netflix Claims Credit-Card Chips Messed Up Its Growth

Not everyone is buying finger-pointing at new fraud-prevention technology

(Newser) - Everyone who is too lazy or forgot to update their credit card numbers online can blame themselves for Netflix's slow US subscriber growth. That's the company's excuse, anyway, revealed in a Wednesday letter to shareholders that says it didn't hit its subscriber growth forecast partly due... More »

Boy's Very Rare Condition: Fear of Aging

Report: When he was 11, the boy ate less to stop growing, and lost 26 pounds

(Newser) - A 14-year-old boy in Mexico is possibly the first reported child in the world to have been diagnosed with gerascophobia, or an extreme fear of aging. His condition, described in Case Reports in Psychiatry in December and spotted by LiveScience , began two and a half years ago. It involves such... More »

Top Countries, Pages, and Other Surprising Facebook Stats

Average users has 130 friends, spends 55 minutes a day

(Newser) - Facebook's runaway growth is well documented, but some details still wow, and some are quite odd. Website Monitoring takes a look at the salient facts.
  • Popularity: The US has the most active users, but 70% of Facebookers are international. Sure, the UK comes in at No. 2, but No. 3
... More »

IMF: Global Recession Is Over

World economy is growing, but recovery will be slow

(Newser) - The global recession is over, the International Monetary Fund said today, revising its economic forecasts in response to Asian growth and more than $2 trillion in stimulus packages worldwide. The IMF now says the world economy is growing and will expand by 3.1% in 2010, with China growing at... More »

Hong Kong, Singapore Emerge From Recession

(Newser) - Hong Kong emerged from the recession with a bang last quarter, posting better-than-expected growth of 3.3% from April to June. The Chinese territory suffered four quarters of contraction but came out of the red thanks to a pickup in exports and increased private consumption. Singapore also blasted out of... More »

Recession Will End This Year

But growth will be sluggish through 2010, says Paris development group

(Newser) - The US recession will end this year, but fragile financial markets and sapped consumer wealth will keep the pace of recovery sluggish, an influential Paris-based economic prognosticator said today. The OECD—Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development—predicted that the US economy will shrink by 2.8% this year and... More »

Twitter Growth Stalls, Study Shows Just 10% Tweet

(Newser) - Just last week, Twitter was on the cover of Time; today, everyone’s crowing about its demise, writes Om Malik for GigaOm. According to, Twitter’s unique visitor growth stalled in May after months of sensational gains, up a mere 1.47% compared to Facebook’s 8%. The... More »

Recession Could End in 3rd Quarter: Economists

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare could soon be over: Top economic forecasters expect the recession to end by the second half of this year, Reuters reports. In a new survey, experts predict the GDP will shrink by 2.8% this year but edge up 1.9% in 2010. Even so, economists... More »

China 'Worried' About US Debt

Dollar, Treasurys fall as Wen voices concern

(Newser) - The dollar and US Treasury bonds fell today after Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, voiced concern about the safety of US debt. As the American government's largest creditor, China has asked for reassurances that the US government demonstrate the safety of China's assets. "To be honest," said Wen,... More »

China Outlines Stimulus Plans, But Offers No New Boost

Investors looking for more spending

(Newser) - China's prime minister announced a slate of new construction projects and increased subsidies to keep the country growing amid the global financial crisis. In his annual speech to the country's legislature, Wen Jiabao admitted that China faces "unprecedented difficulties and challenges" and would need to shift policies to push... More »

Global Plunge Panics Economists

Markets dive worldwide as new figures point to intractable slowdown

(Newser) - The markets' global plunge yesterday was testament to a new, scary fact, writes the Washington Post: the world economic crisis is getting even worse. New figures show the economies of Japan, Britain and Germany contracting at their fastest in decades, while emerging markets like Russia and Brazil are tanking, and... More »

Compromise Stimulus Means Short-Term Pain

Unemployment will climb, recession will last until end of 2009

(Newser) - The final version of the economic stimulus package will provide less immediate support for the economy than Barack Obama had hoped, reports the Wall Street Journal, and makes it likely that the US will remain in recession through 2009. The $790 billion deal cuts aid to state and local government... More »

10 Best Cities for Small Business

(Newser) - Despite tough economic times, an analysis of the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas offers hope for those looking to launch a small business. Portfolio and BizJournals list the cities that are most conducive:
  1. Raleigh, NC: The only market to rank among the top 10 in many key categories—growth,
... More »

China Tops US With More High-Speed Lines

Nation's rise in broadband technology 'a major milestone'

(Newser) - China's broadband network is now bigger than America's, InformationWeek reports. In fact the Asian nation has the planet's biggest high-speed network—which "means a lot more for building a modern, hi-tech economy" than China's spacewalk yesterday, one expert said. "This is a major milestone for China." More »

China Is an Unlikely Superpower

Despite Americans inflates sense of country's dominance

(Newser) - American pundits are constantly claiming that China will soon overtake the US as the world’s dominant power—but if you look at the facts, that’s just not true, writes John Pomfret in the Washington Post. “Dire demographics, an overrated economy, an environment under siege, and an ideology... More »

China's Wind Power Takes Off

Could compete with coal by 2015

(Newser) - Although known for its monstrous appetite for coal, China has spent the last few years ramping up its wind-power capacity, the Guardian reports. The amount of wind power generated has grown over 100% a year since 2005, with enormous wind farms popping up across the country. "It is huge,... More »

Tech Holds Ground Amid Slump

Growth slow, but still up; unemployment below average—no dot-com bust here

(Newser) - Despite malaise in most sectors of the economy, the technology industry is weathering the downturn well, USA Today reports. Sales are up only 3% this year over 2007—a mediocre result, considering the industry usually grows by more than 10%—but with tech unemployment at 3.9% compared to 5.... More »

Economists 'Endorsing' Mac Plan Didn't See Fine Print

Of 300 signed on to support jobs plan, many tepid, or worse, on his overall agenda

(Newser) - On Monday, John McCain's campaign released a pledge of support for the candidate’s “Jobs for America” plan signed by 300 economists. But, Politico found in interviews with a sample of the signatories, many didn’t actually support many of the policy prescriptions in the Republican's plan—and one... More »

Web's Growth Shows No Sign of Pause

Mobile volume will double every year through 2012, Cisco study says

(Newser) - Internet traffic continues to grow at an astonishing pace, GigaOm reports. A study by Cisco Systems has found that world network traffic will increase 46% from 2007 to 2012. By 2012, the annual bandwidth demand is estimated to become 522 exabytes—a billion gigabytes. More »

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