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Chuck Hagel Confirmation No Sure Thing: Hill Insiders

Reid looks to head off filibuster threat

(Newser) - The Obama administration has voiced confidence that Chuck Hagel will be confirmed as defense secretary, but congressional sources aren't so sure, they tell CNN . After declaring he wouldn't support a filibuster , John McCain now appears to be waffling on the issue: Before committing, he wants to know more... More »

Senate Panel Backs Hagel for Defense

But vote in full Senate is no gimme

(Newser) - Chuck Hagel has cleared his first hurdle in becoming secretary of defense: The Senate Armed Services panel voted 14-11 to approve President Obama's pick to succeed Leon Panetta. All of the Democrats on the committee backed Hagel, and all of the Republicans opposed him. The nomination now goes to... More »

No TSA Chief in Detroit Crisis, Thanks to GOP Senator

Agency leaderless as DeMint blocks nom

(Newser) - Democratic leaders and airline industry officials are blaming GOP Sen. Jim DeMint for the fact that the Transportation Security Administration has no chief as it struggles to recover from the terrorist near-miss on Christmas Day. DeMint, chair of an aviation subcommittee, has been blocking the appointment of counterterrorism expert Erroll... More »

Sorry, Glenn Beck: Senate Confirms Sunstein

57-40 vote goes mostly along party lines

(Newser) - Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s nominee for a bureaucratic White House post, has been confirmed in a 57-40 Senate vote largely along party lines, Politico reports. Sunstein, who will monitor federal regulations as director of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, has been under attack by conservatives... More »

Voinovich Makes 9 GOP Yeas for Sotomayor

(Newser) - As she coasts toward confirmation, Sonia Sotomayor picked up the support of a 9th Republican today, reports MSNBC. Ohio Sen. George Voinovich’s promised yea joins yesterday's announcement by Kit Bond of Missouri and on-again-off-again Obama cabinet nominee Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. Voinovich is among four of six retiring... More »

5 Stories