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5 Best Jobs in America

Statistician ranks highest based on income, stress level, outlook, more

(Newser) - It's hard to pinpoint what the absolute "best" job is: Whether a person's time in front of a computer screen, on the floor, or in the field is heaven or hell depends on one's particular interests and talents, and that assessment can be clouded by other... More »

How Pundits' Predictions Stacked Up

Nate Silver nailed it, while Rush, Noonan were way off

(Newser) - The official results from Florida aren't in yet but it looks like Nate Silver—whose blog accounted for a fifth of the New York Times' web traffic Monday—correctly called 50 out of 50 states after getting 49 right in 2008. "You know who won the election tonight?... More »

Statistician Cracks Scratch Lottery Code

His method determined winners 90% of the time

(Newser) - The numbers on those cheap "scratch and win" lottery tickets might seem random, but there is a pattern—the randomness is just a "mathematical lie." Statistician Mohan Srivastava received two tickets as a gag gift and became intrigued when he won $3 on a tic-tac-toe scratch game.... More »

Today's Sexy Job: Statistician

With so much data to crunch, firms need them—and will pay up

(Newser) - Forget the nerdy image: In today’s digital world, statisticians are hot, the New York Times reports. Big firms like Google need number-crunchers to parse piles of data, and they’re willing to pay for it—a statistician with a PhD can rake in $125,000 in his or her... More »

4 Stories