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What It's Like to Live by Ben Franklin’s Schedule

Tim Goessling says it changed his life

(Newser) - Everyone loves "life hacks" these days, and Tim Goessling decided to try a 222-year-old one: He followed Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule, as Franklin recorded it in his 1791 autobiography, and he writes on theKnow that the experience changed his life. A breakdown of the routine and Goessling's... More »

Families' Mornings Start with Tech Check

Families boot up computers, phones on waking

(Newser) - When it comes to morning routines, the modern family has a new set of priorities, many of which require a screen, the New York Times reports. “It used to be you woke up, went to the bathroom, maybe brushed your teeth, and picked up the newspaper,” says an... More »

2 Stories