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A North American First: Drone Slams Into Passenger Plane

Luckily there were no injuries in incident over Quebec City airport

(Newser) - In what the Washington Post says is a North American first, a drone slammed into a commercial airplane Thursday in the skies over Quebec City. "This should not have happened. That drone should not have been there," Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, per the CBC . The incident... More »

2 Small Planes Collide Mid-Air, Kill All Aboard

3 New Yorkers were part of a group flying out to get breakfast

(Newser) - Two private planes collided Sunday in Western New York, reports the Buffalo News , killing all three aboard. The two aircraft—a Cessna 120 and a Piper Cherokee—were apparently part of a larger group of six flying out of the airport in Hamburg, NY, en route to get breakfast in... More »

Divers Find 2 Bodies From Calif. Plane Collision

Small planes collided just outside LA Harbor

(Newser) - Two bodies and the wreckage of a small plane were found Sunday by divers searching in the water off Southern California for evidence following a midair collision believed to have killed three people, authorities say. Divers made the discovery about 100 feet below the surface, in an area about 2... More »

2 Planes Collide at Airshow

At least 1 dead after 3-plane formation goes wrong in Switzerland

(Newser) - At least one person died when two small planes collided in the air and crashed at an airshow in northern Switzerland today, police said, in the second airshow tragedy in as many days . The two planes were part of a formation of three and they crashed just before 11:30... More »

We Don't Know What Happens If a Jet Engine Sucks in a Drone

Pilot drone sightings have already more than doubled last year's total

(Newser) - In July, the Department of Homeland Security said it counted more than 500 incidents of drones passing near "critical" sites such as airports since 2012. And the Federal Aviation Administration said the number of pilot sightings of unmanned aircraft as of Aug. 9 is more than double the number... More »

2 Dead After F-16, Cessna Collide in Midair

Fighter pilot ejects safely

(Newser) - An F-16 fighter jet and a small plane collided in midair this morning in South Carolina, with two people aboard the Cessna 150 killed, reports AP . The F-16 pilot ejected safely and is reportedly uninjured. The crash rained debris over a wide area in Berkeley County, about 20 miles northwest... More »

2 Planes Collide Mid-Air, 1 Crashes, Everybody Is OK

9 skydivers, 2 pilots in Wisconsin accident live to tell the tale

(Newser) - It's the kind of story that could've easily had a very different ending: Two planes carrying skydivers collided yesterday in the skies over Superior, Wis., causing one plane to break up and scatter debris over the town as the skydivers jumped clear of the plane. The best part:... More »

Hot Air Balloons Collide in Mid-Air

2 tourists dead in Turkey accident

(Newser) - Two hot air balloons collided in mid-air during a sightseeing tour of volcanic rock formations in Turkey and crashed to the ground today, killing two Brazilian tourists and injuring 23 other people on board. The accident occurred above central Turkey's Cappadocia region, when an ascending balloon struck another balloon'... More »

Details Revealed of Near-Collision Close to JFK

Controller error almost caused catastrophe

(Newser) - Investigators have released chilling details of a near-catastrophe close to New York City's JFK airport early last year . An American Airlines Boeing 777 came within seconds of crashing into an Air Force C-17 cargo plane because of mistakes and miscommunications by air traffic controllers, the report found. The cargo... More »

Triple Plane Crash Averted at Last Minute in DC

FAA investigating

(Newser) - Federal investigators are probing a near-midair collision of three commuter jets at Washington's Reagan National Airport that was averted at the last minute. The jets were seconds away from crashing after air traffic controllers launched two outbound flights directly into the path of a third plane coming in to... More »

Air Force Plane, Drone Collide

Accident renews criticisms of using drones in civilian airspace

(Newser) - A C-130 cargo plane made an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, after colliding with a 12-foot-by-20-foot RQ-7 Shadow unmanned drone, reports the Wall Street Journal . The cargo plane was only slightly damaged and none of its crew was injured, but the incident is expected to step up criticisms... More »

Planes Collide in Alaska, 4 Dead

Second pilot able to make emergency landing

(Newser) - Two single-engine float planes collided as they flew near an Alaskan lake and one crashed and burned, killing the four people aboard, authorities said. The second plane, a Cessna 206 with only the pilot aboard, was able to return to Anchorage International Airport and make an emergency landing despite significant... More »

American Air Jet, Air Force Had Near-Miss

Planes came within seconds of mid-air collision

(Newser) - An American Airlines jet got a little too close to comfort to two Air Force cargo planes two weeks ago, and the feds are investigating the close call, reports the New York Daily News. About 12 minutes after takeoff from JFK airport, the passenger jet's proximity-detection system went off, warning... More »

Agencies Squabble Over Controller's Role in Hudson Crash

(Newser) - The National Transportation Board's view of the events that caused last weekend's crash over the Hudson River doesn't jibe with the FAA's, the Wall Street Journal reports. The NTSB chronology released yesterday suggests that errors from air traffic controllers—one of whom was one the phone to his girlfriend at... More »

Air Controller Failed to Warn Hudson Pilot

Controller failed to inform him, NTSB report finds

(Newser) - An air traffic controller failed to warn the pilot of a plane in last weekend's mid-air collision over the Hudson River, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled today. Chatting on the phone, the controller did not inform the pilot that "there were several aircraft detected by radar in the... More »

Searchers Find, Can't Recover 8th Body

Olympian Torres rode copter over Hudson 2 days before crash

(Newser) - Crews searching the Hudson River for the victims of Sunday's collision between a sightseeing helicopter and a small plane located an eighth body yesterday in the submerged plane but were unable to recover it, 1010 WINS radio reports. Rough water and silt impeded the efforts of divers, who suspended work... More »

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