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Alabama Gov: OK, You're All My Brothers!

Robert Bentley's really sorry if he offended non-Christians

(Newser) - Robert Bentley is quickly getting the hang of being a politician: Alabama's new governor stuck his foot in it in his first hour in office, and now he's rapidly mastering the art of apologizing. "If anyone from other religions felt disenfranchised by the language, I want to say I... More »

‘Son of Sam’ Has Mega Fan Club ... of Christians

Followers of born-again David Berkowitz run a website and business for him

(Newser) - While imprisoned serial killers often attract letter-writing admirers, no other convicted murderer has amassed a following quite like the 'Son of Sam.' David Berkowitz's claims to be a redeemed born-again Christian have yielded him fans across the world who act as unpaid assistants, running the serial killer's website and... More »

Stephen Baldwin Is Broke! Donate Now!

Bankrupt star needs our help, website contends

(Newser) - Stephen Baldwin—the Baldwin brother whose, er, hefty résumé includes playing Barney Rubble in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas—is bankrupt. He’s also a born-again Christian. And because of that, his supporters have come up with an innovative way to restore him to his former glory: We should... More »

Holy Hell: Churches Squeezed by Economy

(Newser) - The hallelujahs are strained in US churches these days as donations plunge at the same time demand for aid is skyrocketing, reports the Wall Street Journal. Congregations across the nation are slashing budgets and even laying off staff, including pastors. Churches and synagogues usually weather downturns well, but not this... More »

4 Stories