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Medicare to Pay Doctors for End-of-Life Counseling

Will 'death panels' charge emerge again?

(Newser) - Medicare unveiled plans today to begin paying doctors to have conversations with their patients about end-of-life care and how they want to die. Yes, the same idea that got shot down six years ago when Sarah Palin raised a ruckus about "death panels," reports the AP . A post... More »

Death Panels? No, But It's Time for Life Panels

Essayist: We have to find a way to help people end lives with dignity

(Newser) - Watching his elderly mother spend three miserable years in a hospital bed in need of 24/7 care before her death prompts Bob Goldman to float an idea today in the New York Times : "life panels." A twist on the political poison of "death panels," the idea... More »

In Country of 1.2B, India Can't Find a Hangman

State of Assam grows desperate to find its next executioner

(Newser) - An unusual job search began in India last month: The country of 1.2 billion is desperately seeking ... a hangman. The New York Times paints a fascinating picture of a country that is no stranger to grisly murders and honor killings, but one in which capital punishment is an extremely... More »

Dems Quickly Pull Plug on 'Death Panels'

White House reverses course, deletes references to counseling

(Newser) - The end-of-life counseling derided as "death panels" that was originally part of health care reform, then taken out, then put back in , is back out again. For now. The Obama administration has reversed itself and removed references to the counseling from new Medicare regulations that quietly went into effect... More »

Obama's Move to the Center Is Just a Ploy

Krauthammer: He needs to get re-elected to push 'socialist' agenda

(Newser) - President Obama's so-called shift to the center is all just for show, writes Charles Krauthammer. "Now, as always, his heart lies left." Obama still plans to complete his "socialist-democratic transformation," but first he's got to get around the Republican House. Not a big problem: What he... More »

'Death Panels' Return: Obama Enacts End-of-Life Planning

Obama to add end-of-life planning to Medicare

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's "death panels" are back. The brouhaha surrounding end-of-life counseling forced Democrats to cut it from health care reform, but now President Obama is quietly adding the same policy to Medicare by rewriting regulations, reports the New York Times . Under the new policy, beginning Jan. 1 the government... More »

Democrats Desperate to Win Back the Elderly

Try to attack Republicans on Social Security

(Newser) - Democrats are redoubling their efforts to connect with the elderly, a group they’ve done well with traditionally, but not lately. Seniors were the only age group that didn’t favor Barack Obama in 2008, and he hasn’t exactly changed their minds since. According to one poll, 36% of... More »

Public Keeps Warming Up to Health Care Reform

35% now oppose it, down from 41%

(Newser) - The poll numbers for health care reform just keep getting better for Democrats. In a new tracking poll, just 35% say they oppose the landmark law, down from 41% last month, the Washington Post reports, while 50% now hold a favorable view of the law. That’s the best the... More »

Olbermann: My Dad Asked Me to Kill Him

Passionate plea to pols at summit to give Americans health care help

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann made a very personal appeal last night to the pols debating health reform today, speaking for almost 15 minutes about his father’s 6-month medical struggle. “Last Friday night, my father asked me to kill him,” Olbermann began, launching into a recap of the surgeries,... More »

Palin Lashes Death Panels in Hannity Tirade

'I won't back off,' she vows

(Newser) - Sarah Palin yesterday vehemently reiterated her controversial criticism of "death panels" that she is convinced are part of health reform, reports Huffington Post . "If we have our health care paid for by the bureaucracy, depending on our health condition, depending on our age, we're going to be subject... More »

Lie of the Year: 'Death Panels'

Palin's claim spread like wildfire through health debate

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's claim that health care reform would institute "death panels" to decide whether the elderly and disabled are worthy of treatment has been deemed the biggest lie of 2009 by the editors of PolitiFact . Palin appears to have coined the term in a July Facebook posting, and it... More »

Palin Renews 'Death Panels' Argument

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has returned to her Facebook soapbox to reinvigorate the "death panels" meme she helped popularize. "We had been told there were no 'death panels' in the bill," says an essay posted to the former Alaska governor's page. "But look closely at the provision mandating... More »

Palin Warns Again of 'Rationed' Care

Abortion mindset could be applied to elderly and disabled, she says

(Newser) - She didn't use the term "death panel," but Sarah Palin kept up her criticism of "rationed" care for the elderly and disabled last night. In a speech to abortion opponents, Palin warned that the same philosophy that allows abortions could be applied to those two groups with... More »

Coulter, Behar Spar Over Palin

On Joy's new show, pundit is still defending ex-gov and railing on Obama

(Newser) - Joy Behar broke out the big guns for the premiere of her new CNN interview show: Ann Coulter. The two sparred over the so-called “death panels” and Sarah Palin’s level of coherence before finding common ground: The UN should be moved to Libya. Highlights:
  • Sarah Palin “got
... More »

Flu Plan Directs Docs to Take Sickest Off Life Support

Plan could grant legal exemption to extreme rationing in case of disaster pandemic

(Newser) - Authorities planning for a severe flu outbreak are drawing up rules for life-saving ventilators that instruct doctors to take severely ill patients off life support and give the equipment to those with a better chance of survival. The plan, to be used in an outbreak comparable to the pandemic that... More »

America Needs to Embrace Death

Lowering health care costs means cutting unnecessary end-of-life treatment

(Newser) - Nobody wants to talk about rationing health care, but “the need to spend less money on the elderly at the end of life is the elephant in the room in the health-reform debate,” Evan Thomas writes in Newsweek. To expand coverage and lower costs, Americans must overcome their... More »

Fresh-Faced Prez Scores His Jimmy Stewart Moment

Mr. Obama goes to Washington

(Newser) - A joint session of Congress might not have been the perfect setting for Barack Obama's health care reform speech last night, writes Washington Post critic Tom Shales. All that "pomp, circumstance, and folderol," including 16 minutes just to get to the lectern, may have led voters to change... More »

Obama Takes Shot at Palin's 'Lie' on Death Panels

President takes partisan tone in denouncing 'cynical and irresponsible' opponents

(Newser) - President Obama took a shot at Sarah Palin, among others, in calling out those who say his plan for health-care reform would create so-called “death panels” to decide on end-of-life care, Brian Beutler writes for Talking Points Memo. “It is a lie, plain and simple,” Obama said... More »

Obamacare Will Make Us Poorer, Palin Writes

Former Alaska governor says in op-ed she won the debate on 'death panels'

(Newser) - Ahead of Barack Obama's clutch address to Congress tonight, Sarah Palin writes in the Wall Street Journal that the president's health reform plan "will increase our deficit, decrease our paychecks, and increase the power of unaccountable government technocrats." In a surprisingly wonky op-ed, the former Alaska governor lambastes... More »

Populist Rage Fades With Hardee's 'French Dip'

Ergo, you won't be hearing about 'death panels,' say, 10 minutes from now

(Newser) - How soon America—“a toadying zombie mob with a terrible memory”—forgets, Abe Sauer writes on the Awl. Take the new offering from Hardee’s, “one of the nation’s largest, most popular purveys of food-like substances": the French Dip Thickburger. “What do maids, toast, kisses... More »

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