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ISIS' New Weapon: Water

Insurgents commandeering precious commodity to strengthen position

(Newser) - Even when ISIS militants can't maintain control of Iraq's cities and villages, they have another weapon at their disposal: water. The insurgents are increasingly cutting off water to villagers, extorting local governments, and flooding homes, schools, and farms in an effort to gain the upper hand by usurping... More »

Boy Chucks Imaginary Grenade, Gets Suspended

Alex Evans, 7, thought he was saving the planet during recess

(Newser) - The latest student to be suspended for wielding an imaginary weapon at school is a 7-year-old in Colorado. Alex Evans thought he had to save the planet during recess, so he pretended to throw a grenade at an imaginary box with something evil inside, according to the Reporter-Herald . There was... More »

NY Youths Arrested in Snowball Assault

Kids attack mailman with ice, fists

(Newser) - A vicious attack on a mailman has three New York youths charged with criminal arms possession. Their weapon of choice? Snowballs, the New York Post reports—hard, icy ones. A 16-year-old and a pair of juveniles allegedly threw them at the carrier, then beat him when he yelled back. They... More »

After 50 Years, a New Army Rifle

M16, M4 may be replaced

(Newser) - For nearly 50 years, US Army troops have relied on M4 and M16 rifles, but that could soon change. While Army leaders have long been loyal to the "combat proven" rifles, questions and complaints have arisen about their design and reliability. So the Army this week advertised its interest... More »

New Way to Fight Pirates: With a Laser

Weapon emits harmless but effective green light

(Newser) - Somali pirates, beware: British scientists are developing a laser that works by confusing would-be attackers from more than a mile away, the Daily Mail reports. The laser hides the ship in a veil of green light, preventing pirates from easily steering toward or aiming at their victims. “We are... More »

Video Bares Snowball-Gun Near Tragedy

Pistol-brandishing detective on desk duty

(Newser) - A video has emerged revealing how tense a standoff became between a pistol-brandishing cop and several snowballers on a DC street. The angry off-duty detective, who has been rebuked by his superiors, is seen waving his gun after his Hummer was pelted by snowballs, and taunting the crowd, "Go... More »

School Suspends 1st-Grader for Cub Scout Eating Utensils

Zero-tolerance weapons policies sometimes ridiculous, say critics

(Newser) - A first grader was suspended for 45 days from school for bringing a Cub Scout combined knife-fork-spoon utensil to class, triggering an uproar among parents. Zachary Christie, 6, was booted because his Newark school has a zero-tolerance policy on knives. Horrifying episodes like the Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings have... More »

Girlfriend Owned Gun at McNair Crime Scene

Weapon sold less than 48 hours before shooting deaths: cops

(Newser) - Steve McNair's girlfriend bought a gun on Thursday, less than 2 days before she and the retired NFL quarterback were shot to death with the weapon, Nashville police say. A spokesman refused to say who sold Sahel Kazemi the gun but did say it fired five shots, the Tennessean reports.... More »

Sotomayor's Nunchuks Ruling Worries Gun Groups

Gun rights advocates fear nominee may seek to undermine Second Amendment

(Newser) - Ninjas aren't the only people concerned about Sonia Sotomayor's decision earlier this year to uphold New York's ban on nunchuks, or nunchakus, CQPolitics reports. The Supreme Court nominee was on a panel that rejected a man's claim that the ban on the martial arts weapon violated his Second Amendment right... More »

US-Issued Ammo Found on Afghan Insurgents

Experts fear Pentagon-procured munitions finding their way to Taliban

(Newser) - The resilience of Afghanistan's Taliban insurgency may be partly due to supplies from the US, according to a New York Times investigation. The majority of 30 rifle magazines recently found on dead insurgents were the same as those issued to the Afghan military by the US, strongly suggesting that Pentagon-supplied... More »

Runway Finalist Charged With Hurling Cat at Ex-Beau

Way to have a hissy fit

(Newser) - Way to have a hissy fit. Quirky Project Runway finalist Kenley Collins was arrested last night after hurling her cat at an ex-boyfriend in her Brooklyn apartment, reports the New York Daily News. The catty season-five contestant also lobbed a laptap, apples, and a glass of water, police said. She... More »

Pentagon Closer to Air Laser Wars

(Newser) - Barack Obama's transition team is studying the Pentagon's first test of a plane firing a laser weapon, and may nix the $4.3 billion project—but the US military is still nearing its dream of laser warfare, New Scientist Tech reports. The Airborne Laser, once touted as defensive, could easily... More »

Mexican Drug Lords' Guns Traced to US

Smuggling's a cinch as officials look to immigration, drugs

(Newser) - Thousands of powerful automatic weapons used by drug cartels in Mexico have been traced back to US shops, and little is being done to curb the guns’ flow southward, the Los Angeles Times reports. More than 90% of guns taken at the border and picked up after clashes come from... More »

Son Charged in Parents' Hoe Deaths, Cesspool Burial

No motive revealed in 'horrid' attack

(Newser) - A 24-year-old Rhode Island man has been charged with bludgeoning his parents with a grub hoe in the home they shared and dumping their bodies in the backyard cesspool. Suspicious authorities recovered the corpses of the missing couple with a backhoe last week, reports the East Bay Rhode Island newspaper.... More »

'Open Carriers' Aim to Make Guns an Accessory

Gun owners want to educate the public by having their weapons on display

(Newser) - A growing number of gun owners are tired of concealing their weapons when they're out and about, reports the Los Angeles Times. In most states, it's perfectly legal to walk around with a gun in plain view. Backers of the "open carry" movement think it's time to start doing... More »

US Probes Hemorrhage of Yank Arms in Iraq 'Bazaar'

190,000 guns gone as arms sold 'by truckload'

(Newser) - An Iraqi businessman charged with distributing American guns to Iraqi policemen turned the cache into a personal arms bazaar in 2004-2005, selling massive amounts of weapons to foreign security guards, Iraqi militias and US contractors, reports the New York Times. “This was the craziest thing in the world,”... More »

Iraq To Buy Arms From China

Deal disturbs US officials

(Newser) - The Iraqi government has ordered $100 million worth of weaponry from China, saying that US shipments have been too slow to supply Iraqi army and police forces, the Washington Post reports. Given that Iraq has already “lost” over 190,000 weapons, US officials aren’t happy about the deal,... More »

Blackwater May Have Smuggled Weapons in Iraq

Prosecutors think the company gave equipment to terrorists

(Newser) - Controversy-magnet Blackwater USA may have smuggled weapons into Iraq, the BBC reports. Federal prosecutors are investigating charges that employees of the private security firm shipped unlicensed weapons to terrorist groups. Blackwater, blamed for  civilian deaths in a Baghdad gunfight last week, confirmed that it fired two employees  for stealing company... More »

Arrested Iranian Trained Iraq Terrorists: US

Tehran's trade delegate also accused of smuggling weapons

(Newser) - The US military said today it arrested an Iranian who allegedly smuggled bombs for use against US and Iraqi forces, the Los Angeles Times reports. Aghawi Farhadi is also accused of training terrorists for Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Soldiers captured Farhadi in a pre-dawn raid in the northern city of Sulaymaniyah,... More »

Russia Tests ‘Father of All Bombs’

Boasts its newly tested weapon beats US ‘Mother of All Bombs’

(Newser) - Russia has tested a vacuum bomb as powerful as a nuclear weapon, christening it after an American nuke while insisting it's “not unleashing a new arms race.” Trumpeting the “father of all bombs” in a report on State TV, an army higher-up said that, unlike a nuclear... More »

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