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All Over New Orleans, Saints Fans Go Marching Out

Side effects of Super Bowl madness include absenteeism

(Newser) - Best of luck to the candidates in tomorrow's New Orleans mayoral primary—they have the attention of just about no one. "The race isn't at the top of anyone's mind," says one candidate, understating the Super Bowl fever sweeping the Big Easy. In ordering the postponement of a... More »

New Orleans Hits 60% of Pre-Katrina Population

Residents trickling back at 1% a month

(Newser) - The population of New Orleans has rebounded to 60% of its pre-Katrina level nearly two years after the storm, the AP reports, based on the lastest survey. The city had 273,600 residents last month, up 50,200 from a year ago; 455,000 called the Big Easy home in... More »

New Fad in New Orleans: Guns

Citizens arm themselves against crime wave

(Newser) - Violent crime is storming post-Katrina New Orleans with almost the force of the 2005 hurricane, Time reports. The city has America's highest murder rate, and weapons sales are skyrocketing as citizens take to arming themselves.  "They're not gun aficionados," a gun shop owner says of the recent... More »

3 Stories