Johnny Isakson

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Congressmen Bet Against Stocks Amid Crisis

All while some were decrying short selling

(Newser) - You know those evil short-sellers at Goldman Sachs and elsewhere that lawmakers have been railing against since around the start of the financial crisis? Well pot, meet kettle. The Wall Street Journal has identified 13 members of Congress who in some way bet against the market during the 2008 financial... More »

GOP Sen. Slams Prez's Town Hall 'Shout-Out'

Says he 'vehemently opposes' Congressional measures

(Newser) - At yesterday's town hall, President Obama cited health care reform backing from a Republican senator—giving a shout-out to Georgia's Johnny Isakson—and the lawmaker is none too pleased, Politico reports. Obama said Isakson sponsored voluntary end-of-life counseling measures, prompting Isakson’s office to assert that he “vehemently opposes... More »

2 Stories