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This Saturday May Be the End of the World, 'Researcher' Says

A mix of astronomy and biblical prophecy

(Newser) - If you had big plans this weekend, David Meade regrets to inform you that the world will be ending Saturday. Meade, a Christian numerologist and self-described "researcher," says Sept. 23 is foretold in the Bible's Book of Revelation as the day a series of catastrophic events will... More »

In Pennsylvania Lottery, 7s Are Really Wild

3,107 winning tickets force lottery to pay $7.2M above drawing revenue

(Newser) - Lucky sevens abounded in Pennsylvania Wednesday night as 3,107 tickets won a total of $7.77 million in the state lottery’s Big 4 drawing when the winning numbers came up 7-7-7-7. Quadruple-number hits are rare, as evidenced by the fact the lottery will lose about $7.2 million... More »

I Now Pronounce You Lucky

(Newser) - Thousands of people all over the world headed for the altar today, taking advantage of a lucky—not to mention easy-to-remember—date. More than 16,000 couples married in Beijing, where one officiant started tying knots shortly after 4am, reports the Christan Science Monitor. "It’s a good day... More »

Lucky 7s Capture Calendar

Saturday's a big event for those who believe

(Newser) - Saturday will be a big day for the superstitious—it's 7-7-07, and fans of numerology are out in force. About three times the normal number of couples will tie the knot, including Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. Casinos, amusement parks, and houses of worship are preparing for the big... More »

4 Stories