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China Cities Running Out of Room for Dead

With 9M Burials a Year, officials look for alternatives

(Newser) - The flip side of China's booming population: 9 million burials a year and packed cemeteries. Burial plots are getting so scarce that officials are urging a cultural shift by encouraging the scattering of ashes at sea, reports USA Today . Beijing, for instance, is destined to "become just a city... More »

In Greece, Graves Are Only for Rent

After that you have to watch while they dig up your relatives

(Newser) - If you’re looking forward to resting in peace someday, try not to kick it in Greece. The country is so drastically short on cemetery space that by law the dead may only rent graves, and then for a maximum of three years, reports Alex Mar of Slate , whose grandparents... More »

In Tough Times, Families Reselling Burial Plots

Cemeteries report brisk sales of late

(Newser) - People struggling with bills and other earthly concerns are unloading burial plots at a fast clip. One Florida cemetery made as many “buybacks” in the first half of this year as in all of 2008, another in Ohio reports a similar spike, and ads are plentiful on funeral property... More »

Sleep With Marilyn: Wife Selling Hubby's Crypt Above Monroe

(Newser) - A former Beverly Hills resident is about to get a rude awakening when he's evicted from his crypt above Marilyn Monroe so his wife can sell it, reports the Los Angeles Times. Elsie Poncher says her hubby was a "helluva nice guy," but she needs the money to... More »

4 Stories