Betsy McCaughey

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Jon Stewart Takes On Death Panel Lady

'I don't know how your brain works,' he tells McCaughey

(Newser) - Jon Stewart devoted most of his show yesterday to sparring with Betsy McCaughey, whose articles helped start the “death panel” rumor—and kill the Clinton health care plan in 1994. McCaughey strode onstage carrying a massive binder containing the first half of the House bill. “This bill is... More »

Righty Pundits Cooked Up 'Death Panels'

False rumor tracks back months, to same old conservative voices

(Newser) - The stubborn false rumor that President Obama is planning to encourage euthanasia, or ration health care through “death panels,” may sound like the stuff of anonymous e-mail campaigns, but it actually came from comparatively mainstream conservative media outlets, the New York Times reports. The first whispers came way... More »

2 Stories