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Ireland's Future Priests Allegedly Can't Keep Off Grindr

Archbishop wants them to mingle with more women instead

(Newser) - There are "strange going-ons"—in the words of the Archbishop of Dublin—at Ireland's major seminary, where trainee priests are being accused of using Grindr, the Telegraph reports. "An app like that is something which would be fostering promiscuous sexuality, which is certainly not in any... More »

Byrne: I Was Molested at Seminary

Struggled for years to 'come to terms with it'

(Newser) - Actor Gabriel Byrne revealed yesterday that he was molested by priests as a child at his Irish school and at an English seminary. "Unfortunately, I experienced sexual abuse," said the star of In Treatment and Miller's Crossing. "It was a known fact that there was this particular... More »

Shakespeare May Have Secretly Been Catholic

English seminary in Rome says it has docs to prove it

(Newser) - Documents discovered by an English seminary in Rome suggest William Shakespeare may have been a secret Catholic, a revelation that could potentially solve the mystery of the bard's religious leanings. The Venerable English College points to cryptic names signed in its guest book for visiting pilgrims that they say indicate... More »

Apprentice's Omarosa Takes Attitude to Seminary

(Newser) - Famed reality TV villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has seen the light, E! reports. The Apprentice anti-hero will enter an Ohio seminary next week for 2 years of religious schooling on her way to becoming a minister. Her ambition is in line with her character, an official at the United Theological Seminary... More »

4 Stories