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Phone Books Going Way of the Dodo

Verizon wants to stop them in New York, New Jersey

(Newser) - Another sign of the times: Verizon has asked permission to stop delivering phone books in New York state, arguing that they're a big waste of space and trees because few people use them anymore. The company has a similar proposal pending in New Jersey, while AT&T has already gotten... More »

RIP, Mix Tapes, Porn Age Limits, Typewriters, and More

(Newser) - Word processors, dot-matrix printers, rotary phones, and other formerly state-of-the-art technologies are just about gone and nearly forgotten. Carrying the torch for the likes of holding up a cigarette lighter at a concert is JR Raphael of PC World, who lists 40 leading lights of abandoned technology:
  • Looking up numbers
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2 Stories