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11-Year-Old's Lemonade Now on Sale at Whole Foods

Mikaila Ulmer first won a $60K investment on Shark Tank

(Newser) - A sixth-grader in Austin, Texas, has turned a lemonade stand into a booming business now that she has expanded her reach to multiple states through a deal with Whole Foods, reports Time . Mikaila Ulmer's secret recipe for BeeSweet Lemonade comes from her great-grandmother, and contains flax seed and honey... More »

Neighbor to Cops: Stop 'Illegal' Lemonade Stand

TJ Guerrero, 12, runs his own stand in Dunedin, Fla.

(Newser) - Nothing like an entrepreneurial kid running a lemonade stand on the lawn—unless you're his angry neighbor, that is. Doug Wilkey of Dunedin, Fla., has been complaining for two years about 12-year-old TJ Guerrero's lemonade stand next door, Gawker reports. Wilkey emailed City Hall several times and reached... More »

Boy Sells $3.4K of Lemonade for Struggling Detroit

Joshua Smith wins scholarship, local celeb visits

(Newser) - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—then sell it to help save your crumbling city. That's what 9-year-old Joshua Smith has been doing in Detroit, reports the Free Press . Last Monday, he set up a lemonade stand near his house, hoping to raise $1,000 to help the... More »

Squeezed Officials Sorry About Girl's Lemonade Stand

County chair: 7-year-old is free to open shop

(Newser) - The top elected official of the Oregon county that closed a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand says he's sorry inspectors soured her business, and she won't be asked to produce a $120 permit next time. Running a lemonade stand "is a classic, iconic American kid thing to do," and... More »

County Closes 7-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand

Inspectors give her lemons, say she needed $120 license

(Newser) - Ah, the plight of a small business owner, always bullied by unfair government regulation. Take it from 7-year-old Julie Murphy. Inspired by a cartoon show, Murphy decided to set up a lemonade stand at a monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. People were drinking down the 50-cent cups of Kool-Aid... More »

NY Park Cops Squeeze Kid's Lemonade Stand for $50 Fine

(Newser) - Manhattan's Riverside Park cops put the squeeze on a kid selling lemonade with a $50 fine for doing business without a permit yesterday. "It was such a hot day I figured people would want a cold drink," said Clementine Lee, 10, dreaming of liquidity. Thick-skinned police made Clementine... More »

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