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Public Option a Go: Reid

Senate bill will include government health plan, with opt-out

(Newser) - Harry Reid will include a public insurance plan in the pending health care reform bill, with a provision allowing individual states to refuse to participate. The Senate majority leader’s bill is likely to include an “opt-out” version of the public plan, taken from the Senate health committee, as... More »

Dems Look to Move on Health Bill Sans GOP

(Newser) - With the GOP line against President Obama's health care plan hardening, Dems see little hope of cooperation and are now poised to set out on their own, drawing a final plan solely from within their own party, the New York Times reports. The White House will still face the challenge... More »

What Is a Health Care Co-Op, Anyway?

Member-owned plans would lack government leverage

(Newser) - The likelihood of there being a public health care option is fading—which has some in Congress pushing for an alternative: nonprofit health cooperatives, the Washington Post reports. Few details have emerged about how such plans would work; as it stands, their defining feature seems to be that they wouldn’... More »

3 Stories