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Sedentary Lifestyle? You May Want to Drink Red Wine

Resveratrol helps fight side effects of sedentary lifestyle: study

(Newser) - An ingredient in red wine makes it a healthy treat for astronauts, according to a new study that could have some earth-bound implications. Scientists found that resveratrol, long considered a "healthy" ingredient in red wine, helps fight some of the negative side effects of being weightless—and possibly of... More »

Fountain of Youth? Drugs Eyed to Slow Aging

Experts hope caloric restriction holds key to longer lives

(Newser) - Scientists are hoping new drugs can battle the effects of aging, extending our lives or at least keeping the years from slowing us down, the New York Times reports. At the heart of the research is the discovery that caloric restrictions can extend life in mice. If humans can make... More »

2 Stories