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Gang Puts Big Bounty on Head of a Dog

Drug-sniffing Sombra has been relocated in Colombia because Urabeños clan is after her

(Newser) - A drug-sniffing Colombian police dog with nearly 250 arrests under her collar recently tracked down more than 10 tons of coke from a major drug gang. The gang's reaction: a bounty on the pooch's head that may be up to $70,000. The Telegraph reports that Sombra (Spanish... More »

'China's Walter White' Tried to Solve Australia's Drug Dearth

$600K-per-month make-and-export business was going well until he got busted

(Newser) - A 46-year-old chemistry professor identified only as Zhang, but who Time notes has been called "China's Walter White" in reference to the lead character of AMC's Breaking Bad, was convicted Tuesday of whipping up and selling 32 kilos of drugs—though prosecutors think the amount produced was... More »

Cocaine Makes Your Brain Eat Brains

Researchers autopsied brain cells killed by drug

(Newser) - Much like rampaging zombies, brain cells on cocaine can't stop eating brains, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Scientists already knew that the drug killed brain cells, but "autopsies" on the dead brain cells of mice given '70s-rock-star levels of cocaine revealed that... More »

One County Illustrates Just How Bad Heroin Epidemic Is

In one recent 70-minute span, 8 overdoses were reported

(Newser) - The Washington Post takes a look at the country's surging heroin epidemic by zeroing in on Pennsylvania’s Washington County, a place one local detective refers to as "ground zero" for heroin in the area. Last Sunday, in less than 70 minutes, eight heroin overdoses were recorded in... More »

Jersey Shore's New Problem: Heroin Overdoses

Fatal overdoses more than doubled last year in Ocean County, NJ

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for New Jersey , and an NBC News investigation only adds to the state's woes: It found that fatal heroin and prescription drug overdoses at the Jersey Shore more than doubled last year, with 112 deaths in Ocean County compared to 2012's 53... More »

Teen's Lesions Linked to Cheap Heroin Substitute

Clinic says Houston girl injected Krokodil

(Newser) - Another medical case linked to the nasty heroin knockoff Krokodil has surfaced in the US, reports the AP . This time, a 17-year-old girl in Houston ended up in the hospital with the telltale skin lesions after injecting the drug for two months, reports the Independent . The unidentified girl actually went... More »

Planet Losing the War on Drugs

Substances getting purer as prices drop: report

(Newser) - In countries around the world, law enforcement is losing the war on drugs, researchers say. Their evidence: Across two decades of data, purity of illegal substances is up and cost is down, the BBC reports. "These findings suggest that expanding efforts at controlling the global illegal drug market through... More »

World's Most Popular Drug: Pot

But painkillers behind most deaths

(Newser) - Researchers have, for the first time, conducted a worldwide survey on illegal drug use, and they learned that the most popular one on the planet is marijuana. But the drugs that are killing the most people are strong painkillers, Vicodin, OxyContin, and codeine among them, the AP reports, as per... More »

N. Korea's Latest Demon: Crystal Meth

Country is in throes of 'drug epidemic,' says journal

(Newser) - Illegal drugs are a growing problem in North Korea—and some users are turning to the substances to cure common illnesses, the BBC reports. "The whole of North Korean society is being affected by illegal drugs," a defector tells South Korea's Chosun Ilbo . "Some wealthy people... More »

86% of Teens Say Peers Smoke, Do Drugs ... at School

New survey finds drugs are widely available at schools

(Newser) - Not only are teens drinking and doing drugs, they're drinking and doing drugs at school. Some 86% of US high-schoolers say their peers use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs "during the school day on or near school grounds," according to the head of a group that ran... More »

Poorer Nations Seeing a Rise in Drug Use

Globalization erases a historic trend: UN report

(Newser) - It used to be that poor nations in South America and elsewhere shipped drugs to richer nations while their own residents largely avoided using them. That has changed in the last decade as the economies of developing nations have improved, according to a new UN report. Now these rising nations... More »

Drug Prohibition Not Working, Brand Testifies

He speaks to British lawmakers about addiction

(Newser) - Drug addiction should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal one, Russell Brand told lawmakers in Britain yesterday. The flamboyant actor, wearing a torn vest top, testified before a parliamentary committee, saying he had beaten his own addiction to heroin but had been arrested around a dozen times... More »

68K Pot Plants Found in California Mountains

Authorities call it a record seizure

(Newser) - Call it a pot bust with a capital "B." Authorities in California discovered the largest outdoor grow operation in Ventura County history last week: some 68,500 plants worth an estimated $205 million growing in the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest. That's not all investigators... More »

‘California Grannies’ Busted for Growing Weed

Two women, ages 65 and 72, arrested with 800 pot plants

(Newser) - Authorities have dubbed them the "marijuana grannies." Police in San Bruno, California, arrested Aleen Lam, 72, and Virginia Chan Pon, 65, after officers found 800 pot plants and a bypass to steal electricity from PG&E in the women's house, reports AP . The senior duo faces a... More »

Not Just Drugs Anymore: DEA Now a Vast, Global Spy

WikiLeaks cables reveal the growing reach of the DEA

(Newser) - It's not your daddy's Drug Enforcement Agency: The DEA reach is now so vast and global that it extends far beyond illegal drugs into global intelligence gathering, reports the New York Times . The DEA, with 87 offices in 63 countries, has developed strong ties with foreign governments, including those that... More »

Teens Picking Pot Over Cigarettes

Drug czar blames Prop 19, medical marijuana for rise

(Newser) - Marijuana use is up again among teens, rising for the first time in nearly a decade—and President Obama’s drug czar blames California’s legalization measure Proposition 19 , among other things. A new government survey found that 21.4% of high school seniors said they smoked pot in the... More »

DEA Banning Legal Highs

'Fake pot' to be outlawed nationwide

(Newser) - "Legal highs" with marijuana-like effects aren't going to be legal for much longer. The Drug Enforcement Agency has launched an emergency action to outlaw chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana, which is sold online and in head shops, WebMD reports. The "fake pot" is sold under brand names... More »

DARE Convinces Kid to Turn in His Parents' Pot

Parents arrested, charged after very effective anti-drugs demonstration

(Newser) - Well, chalk this one up as a victory for the DARE program. A recent anti-drugs demonstration at a North Carolina elementary school was quite effective at convincing one 11-year-old boy that marijuana is dangerous—so effective, in fact, that the boy went home, grabbed his parents’ marijuana cigarettes, brought them... More »

Drug Use Hits 8-Year High

Marijuana, meth, ecstasy use up, cocaine down

(Newser) - Illegal drug abuse in America has soared to its highest rate in almost a decade, according to a government report which finds marijuana, methamphetamine, and ecstasy use surging, but cocaine declining. Some 21.8 million Americans used illegal drugs last year, a 9% increase from the year before and the... More »

Whoops! Teen Accidentally Texts Sheriff to Buy Marijuana

Phone number mix-up lands kid in hot water

(Newser) - A teenager in Montana learned the hard way that he should have saved his drug dealer's number in his cell phone. Instead, he hit a wrong number when sending a text message, and it went to the county sheriff instead. When the sheriff read, "Hey Dawg, do you have... More »

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