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Facebook Is Testing Disappearing Posts

'Small pilot' run allows app users to set when their status updates expire

(Newser) - There are only three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and certain Facebook statuses that will haunt you forever in the ether unless you remember to go back and take them down. Now the site is allowing a select group of people to test out a bit of... More »

Fugitive Updates Friends: 'Ya Got Away Thanks Bro'

Travis A. Nicolaysen has eluded police, but isn't hiding from Facebook

(Newser) - He's on the lam, but Travis A. Nicolaysen still had time to update his Facebook page. The 26-year-old has eluded authorities since two foot chases Wednesday and a dragnet that included a police dog tracking him through a Port Angeles, Washington, neighborhood. The dog came up only with a... More »

Man Allegedly Hits Wife Who Didn't 'Like' Facebook Post

'Everyone likes my status but you,' Benito Apolinar tells estranged spouse

(Newser) - It's a bad day for bizarre violence. Earlier, we heard about karaoke-inspired fisticuffs ; now an apparent Facebook-based argument has led to an attack. A Texas man who reportedly said he was furious at his estranged wife for not "liking" his Facebook status allegedly punched her in the face... More »

'Breakup Notifier' App Keeps Tabs on Unavailable Friends

New app will alert you when your beloved becomes single

(Newser) - It's tough to keep tabs on all those Facebook friends—who has the time to constantly check the status of a bunch of currently-taken potential lovers, waiting to pounce as soon as you notice that “In a Relationship” has changed to “Single”? Well, thanks to programmer Dan... More »

Can Facebook Predict Breakups? Don't Bet On It

Status updates might not be best data

(Newser) - A graphic attracting attention across the web purports to show when it's most common for couples to break up—based, of course, on Facebook status updates. By searching for the phrases "broken up" or "break up," it delivers supposed revelations. For one, we are collectively shrewd about... More »

Ill-Advised Facebook Post Leads to Burglary

Indiana woman's 'friend' took advantage of her absence, she says

(Newser) - An Indiana woman is convinced an ill-advised Facebook status update got her house burgled by one of those online “friends” you probably shouldn’t friend in the first place. Last weekend, Keri McMullen innocently let her online circle know that she and her fiancée would be out all... More »

The 19 Personalities You Meet on Facebook

From the 'grudge holder' to the 'Erin Brockovich'

(Newser) - Like any community, Facebook is home to a diverse range of personality types. The Boston Phoenix identifies 19 distinct varieties:
  • The failed model. "Poses repeatedly in front of a computer and pouts in emo fashion." Giveaway: the "Warholian or sepia-toned" profile photo.
  • The archivist. The
... More »

Most Annoying Facebook Habits

(Newser) - Facebook's got something to annoy everyone, it seems, and Brandon Griggs runs down the most annoying characteristics of Facebookers for CNN. A sampling:
  • The Compulsive Poster: "Just because you have 432 Facebook friends doesn't mean we all want to know when you're waiting for the bus."
  • "The
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