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Painkillers Could Ease Social Rejection

Physical, social hurt function similarly: researchers

(Newser) - Someday, painkillers might battle more than just physical pain. The medications could be used to fight the pain of social rejection, too, researchers say. That's because the brain handles physical pain and the hurt of rejection similarly, a study finds. Scientists picked up on the connection while looking at... More »

In Germany, Baby Rhino Is the New Knut

Baby rhinoceros rejected by its mother will be raised by humans

(Newser) - A rhinoceros born Sunday in Germany is poised to become that country’s next cute and cuddly animal sensation, Der Spiegel reports. The as yet unnamed baby rhino, already 128 pounds, will live at the zoo in the city of Münster and be raised by humans after its mother... More »

Jen Feels Burned by Cooper

(Newser) - Jennifer Aniston is feeling a little jilted because of Bradley Cooper’s burgeoning relationship with Renee Zellweger, Us reports. “She honestly feels screwed over," says a friend. "She had a major crush on him and she let him know," but "he didn't reciprocate." The... More »

3 Stories