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Next Up From Tyra Banks: ModelLand, the Theme Park

It's opening in Santa Monica this year

(Newser) - Some theme parks have boardwalks; one coming to California will have catwalks. The attraction, set to debut at the Santa Monica Place open-air shopping mall later this year, will be called ModelLand , and it's the brainchild of Tyra Banks, herself a former supermodel and America's Next Top Model ... More »

'Zombie Boy' Death May Not Have Been a Suicide

Family thinks Rick Genest leaned too far back on a balcony while smoking a cigarette

(Newser) - His death Wednesday was widely reported to be a suicide , including by Lady Gaga , whose music video "Born This Way" helped make his tattooed face famous. But the family and manager of model Rick Genest, aka "Zombie Boy," are telling everyone to pull back on the conclusion... More »

Model on the Defense After 'Unrecognizable' Vogue Cover

Gigi Hadid says photo shoot 'was not executed correctly' after she's accused of donning 'blackface'

(Newser) - It's expected models will adopt varying looks during different photo shoots, but Gigi Hadid's cover for the May issue of Vogue Italia is raising more eyebrows than champagne glasses. Per the BBC , the 23-year-old was photographed by Steven Klein. She's shown on the cover (see it here... More »

Rookie Model Nabs SI Swimsuit Issue Cover

Danielle Herrington, 24, is also the 3rd black woman to grace Swimsuit Issue's cover

(Newser) - Danielle Herrington is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model for 2018. The magazine revealed its swimsuit edition cover Tuesday. Herrington is the third black woman to appear on the cover of the annual issue that launched in 1964, the AP reports. Beyonce appeared on the cover in 2007, while... More »

Model Says Her Legs Are Getting Her Rape Threats

Arvida Byström poses for Adidas ad with unshaved legs

(Newser) - A Swedish model says she's faced an onslaught of online harassment after daring to pose for an Adidas advertising campaign with unshaved legs, the BBC reports. "Literally I've been getting rape threats in my DM inbox," 26-year-old Arvida Byström writes on Instagram . The ad for... More »

Fashion Shoot Goes On for Hours Despite Dead Man

Models, photographers found dead man in warehouse but kept on working

(Newser) - A group of young Brits who broke into a Manchester warehouse over the summer to do a fashion shoot are now being decried not for the break-in, but for the dead body they worked around, the London Times and Manchester Evening News report. A Manchester coroner's court heard the... More »

Black Model's Campaign Strikes a Chord

Deddeh Howard subs herself in to ads with white models, to make a point

(Newser) - Deddeh Howard was flipping through a magazine looking for ideas for her fashion blog when she noticed "there were simply no black models in there," she tells Mic . It didn't come as much of a surprise given that Howard, 27, had been rejected by modeling agencies claiming... More »

At Fashion Show, the Hottest Accessory Was Pimples

Moto Guo's spring 2017 collection is titled 'Picnic in the Society'

(Newser) - Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo appears to be making some sort of statement about pimples, but exactly what, and whether they may actually now be fashionable, remains unclear. GQ reports that in his Milan Men's Fashion Week debut on Monday, Guo's makeup artists created blemishes on his models'... More »

UK Bans Ad Over Too-Skinny Model

Ban came about after a single complaint

(Newser) - If anyone has doubts that the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority reads its complaint mail, this should put that to rest. Per Fashionista , a lone detractor submitted a grievance to the British ad watchdog about a Gucci ad campaign, and now it's banned in the UK—because of... More »

In France, Models Now Need a Doctor's Note

Law aims to crack down on too-skinny models

(Newser) - Models hoping to walk Paris' runways now need a doctor's note. French lawmakers passed a law on Thursday declaring models must obtain a medical certificate showing their body mass index is healthy and "compatible with the practice of the [modeling] profession" before working jobs. Those who break the... More »

One Stat Shows Fashion World's Race Problem

79% of models at Fashion Week were white

(Newser) - The fashions that appear on the catwalks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris during the spring/summer fashion weeks come in an array of colors. The same can't exactly be said of the models that wear them. Data from 117 shows during this year's spring/summer fashion season finds... More »

France May Ban Too-Thin Models

Legislation would establish minimum weights

(Newser) - France is expected to pass legislation to outlaw ultra-skinny fashion models, reports the CBC . The legislation now being debated would set up minimum weights based on body-mass index, a formula that would require a woman 5-foot-7 to weigh 120 pounds. And the measure wouldn't just bar such models from... More »

Now Magazines Airbrush Models Bigger

And some say it's just as controversial as the opposite

(Newser) - Not long ago, all the controversy surrounding magazine airbrushing seemed to focus on models and actresses being made to appear way too thin (to the point that some actually lost limbs ), but not so anymore. These days, magazines are increasingly Photoshopping models to appear heavier, because that's what... More »

Now Banned in Israel: Underweight Models

Models with a BMI below 18.5 can't be used in photo shoots

(Newser) - In a bid to fight the spread of eating disorders, Israel has banned underweight models from local advertising and now requires publications to disclose when they use altered images to make models appear thinner. The law, passed yesterday, appears to be the first legislation of its kind by any government.... More »

Pity the Models of Fashion Week

Their 'precarious' jobs aren't so 'glamorous' out of the spotlight, writes Ashley Mears

(Newser) - To most of us, Fashion Week is all glitz and glam—but behind the scenes, modeling is a “grueling” job, writes model-turned-professor Ashley Mears. It’s freelance work, so there are no benefits, and models “never know when their next job is coming.” It’s also grossly... More »

Child Model's Mom Blames Furor on 'Bad Person in USA'

She wants to protect Thylane Loubry Blondeau from controversy

(Newser) - The mother of the 10-year-old girl who modeled for Vogue Paris , creating a furor in America over the sexualization of children, has responded to criticism by closing her daughter's Facebook page and leaving a parting message blaming "bad personn in usa [sic]," reports the Telegraph . Although Thylane... More »

Sad Secrets of the Modeling World

New book tells of model who ate OJ-soaked cotton balls

(Newser) - Sessilee Lopez is a model who has walked the runway for Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Tam, and others. Mom Janice Celeste self-published a book for would-be big-time models' parents, called Making a Supermodel. Fashionista was kind enough to read through the 70 pages and pick out the fairly sad,... More »

Flirty Models Roped Guys Into $4K Bone Marrow Test

Thousands unwittingly signed up for pricey DNA test

(Newser) - How do you get a guy to sign up to be a potential bone marrow donor? Simple: Hire models to canvas malls in high heels, short skirts, and lab coats—and don’t mention that after they take a swab of his DNA, his insurance will be billed up to... More »

Hot on the Runways: Gap-Tooth Models

Albinos, scars also trendy in modeling these days

(Newser) - The fashion industry is bored with perfection. This year, the most sought-after models are gracing runways with offbeat looks: albino coloring, tattoos and piercing, and gap teeth. Especially gap teeth. High-profile ad campaigns are snapping up models with space between their two front teeth, and the look is also hot... More »

UK Minister: Curvy Mad Men Star 'Great Role Model'

We 'need more Christina Hendricks-size models'

(Newser) - Mad Men vamp Christina Hendricks' curvy figure makes her a great role model for girls, according to Britain's Equalities Minister. Lynne Featherstone says super-skinny models are overexposed in the media, creating a crisis in body confidence in young women and leading to eating disorders like anorexia, the Telegraph reports. More »

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