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Drake Drops $200K on Strangers in Miami

Good deeds will feature in upcoming music video

(Newser) - Further showing Canadians to be oh so nice, rapper Drake surprised a hotel maid with a spa visit, a lobster dinner, and a $10,000 shopping spree—though, to be fair, Odelie Paret truly deserved it. The mother of five, born in Haiti, has spent that last 20 years cleaning... More »

11 Insane Celebrity Shopping Sprees

$100K on handbags ... and that's only 7 handbags

(Newser) - Jennifer Aniston ended up denying that she spends $8,000 per month on her health and beauty regimen, but she did spend $20,000 on lights for her mansion earlier this month. The Frisky rounds up 10 more insane celebrity shopping sprees:
  • Kim Kardashian: In Paris, spent $100,000 on
... More »

Teen Girls' Latest Craze: The 'Haul' Video

Popular videos of mass-market swag a democratic trendsetter

(Newser) - The newest viral craze sweeping YouTube is the “haul video,” which works like this: A young woman goes on a shopping spree, returns home, turns on her webcam and…shows the world her haul. The products are usually fairly democratic, from chain stores like Target and Abercrombie, Marisa... More »

Fake Lottery Winner Causes Store Ruckus

Ohio woman gets 'extravagant' without meds, daughter says

(Newser) - An Ohio woman may be charged with inciting panic after telling a store full of shoppers that she had won the lottery and was treating. Police had to show up at the Burlington Coat Factory to put down the ruckus when word got out, the Columbus Dispatch reports. The 45-year-old... More »

King Sends Wives on Spree While Africans Starve

(Newser) - Swaziland King Mswati III sent several of his 13 wives on a multi-million-dollar shopping spree in the Mideast and Europe while two-thirds of his subjects continue to suffer in abject poverty, reports the Times of London. The move has triggered sharp criticism in Britain, which provides the impoverished nation with... More »

5 Stories