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'Jorts-Wearing Bandit' Mocked by Fashion-Conscious Cops

His 'disregard for the law is as offensive as his disregard for fashion trends'

(Newser) - Anyone who recognizes a man accused of robbing stores in the St. Louis area while wearing jean shorts is being urged to call "the fashion police." The AP reports St. Louis County Police dubbed the suspect the "jorts-wearing bandit" in a tweet on Monday, and included a... More »

Pilot Won't Let Woman on Flight Over Her Short Shorts

JetBlue says the 'shorts may offend other families'

(Newser) - A burlesque dancer trying to get home to Seattle from Boston earlier this month was told her shorts were simply too short to fly, KIRO reports. According to ABC News , the passenger—who goes by the stage name Maggie McMuffin—was preparing to board a JetBlue flight May 18 when... More »

Alabama Town Goes After Girls' Short Shorts for Equality's Sake

Town proposes banning short shorts, mini skirts, and saggy pants

(Newser) - "I prayed about this; I know that God would not go around with pants down.” That's the reasoning Dadeville City Council member Jimmy Frank Goodman gave when proposing an ordinance banning sagging pants last month, the Alexander City Outlook reports. Now the Alabama town of a few... More »

Capitol Cops Steaming About Shorts Ban

Officers at the Capitol building say pants hold them back

(Newser) - Apparently, cops aren't above the law when it comes to crimes of fashion. Officers assigned to the Capitol are upset with a top brass decision to ban them from wearing shorts. Union reps say the decision was made because cops carrying automatic rifles don't look imposing in shorts,... More »

Test Driving the Hot New Short Shorts

Best for the young and brave, she concludes

(Newser) - We all know that runway styles don't necessary translate to real life. So do the super-short shorts—OK, hotpants—that designers are churning out (check out a slideshow here ) fall into the for-models-only category? Or can a mere mortal actually pull them off? StyleList staffer Lindsey Schickner took to... More »

Michelle Looks Bad in Shorts—Now You Can, Too

(Newser) - You know it's a slow week when news outlets track down "experts" to discuss the effect Michelle Obama's shorts will have on the White House, writes Belinda Luscombe for Time. The thing is, the shorts she wore on Sunday as she stepped out of Air Force One actually are... More »

6 Stories