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Open Relationships Don't Equal Better Sex

Monogamous couples most satisfied in the bedroom: survey

(Newser) - Feel like monogamy is keeping you from an exciting sex life? Take note: An open relationship, with the potential for more sexual partners, does not necessarily mean you'll be more sexually satisfied. That's according to a survey of more than 11,000 people from 28 European countries, aged... More »

Study: STDs, Not Love, Are Why Humans Became Monogamous

Sorry, romance

(Newser) - Our ancestors didn't choose monogamy out of anything so high-minded as love or religion, according to a new study published Tuesday. Rather, it was most likely due to skyrocketing rates of chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea from all the polygamous sex being had. Within hunter-gatherer groups of 30 or fewer... More »

57% of Men Are Simply More Inclined to Promiscuity

Study finds humans are split into 'stay' and 'stray' groups

(Newser) - A new study finds that, despite your intentions, you may simply be inclined to cheat or not to cheat. As reports, humans appear to be the rare mammals that can be either monogamous or polygamous—other species are typically one or the other. And now, University of Oxford... More »

Humans Became Monogamous to Stop Infanticide

Study finds the origins of monogamy are not so romantic

(Newser) - Scientists believe they may have discovered the reason most humans, at least in theory, are so wedded to the idea of monogamy, and the answer ain't "true love." As a species, we became predominantly monogamous so other humans wouldn't kill our babies, according to a new... More »

Newt Gets No Credit for Monogamy: He's Old!

Gail Collins: Funny he's seen the light now that he's pushing 70

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich lobbed a softball this week—telling a conservative group that his extra-marital dalliances were prompted by his hard work and love of country —and Gail Collins takes a swing at it today in the New York Times . "Really, the concept explains quite a bit," she... More »

Frequent Sex Helps Men Live Longer ...

... As long as they're not cheating on their partners, study finds

(Newser) - A healthy and faithful sex life may help men live longer . Italian researchers surveyed 4,000 men and found that those who had an active sex life with a steady partner had fewer heart problems, less depression, increased levels of testosterone, and better metabolism. But be warned: Cheaters negated the... More »

Pair of British Swans Gets Rare 'Divorce'

The birds usually mate for life, but not this time

(Newser) - A pair of British swans has done the unthinkable for the loyal species, which usually mate for life: It split up. Sarindi and Saruni had been together for two years, but both returned to an English bird sanctuary from their annual Arctic migration with brand new partners. It's only the... More »

Jolie: Not Hot on Fidelity

Being faithful not necessary for successful relationship

(Newser) - OK, so she's not making out with her brother or wearing vials of blood around her neck these days, but Angelina Jolie thinks monogamy ain't all it's cracked up to be. "I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship. It's worse to leave your partner and talk... More »

Megan Fox Talks Phobias, Boys, Monogamy

Her weirdest phobia? 'Touching newspaper.' But the other quotes are even better.

(Newser) - Megan Fox graces the cover of October's Cosmopolitan, which means it's time for a fresh round of quotes about diarrhea and threesomes. Just Jared presents a sampling:
  • The ideal date: “A sexy sandwich with Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill.”
  • The scariest thing: “Every time I go on
... More »

Lutheran Branch Allows 'Monogamous' Gays as Clergy

Branch is US' largest, with 4.8M members

(Newser) - The largest US Lutheran denomination will allow gays in “life-long, monogamous” relationships to serve in clergy and other leadership positions, the Washington Post reports. Delegates at the convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved the measure 559-451; the denomination, which has 4.8 million US members, previously... More »

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