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Flower Power Icon, Singer Scott McKenzie Dead at 73

'Wear Flowers in Your Hair' defined hippie era

(Newser) - Singer Scott McKenzie, best known for his song "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)," died Saturday at the age of 73, reports the BBC . Released in 1967, "San Francisco" became one of the most iconic songs of the hippie era, helping define the... More »

LSD King Owsley Stanley Dead at 76

Counterculture pioneer takes final trip

(Newser) - Owsley Stanley, LSD cook, sound engineer, sculptor, and one of the most influential figures in '60s counterculture, has been killed in a car accident in Australia at the age of 76. Nicknamed "Bear," Stanley manufactured millions of doses of high quality "Owsley Acid" at his San Francisco... More »

Tea Partiers Are the New Hippies

Anti-establishment activists using '60s tactics: David Brooks

(Newser) - The anti-establishment types in the Tea Party movement remind David Brooks of another group of protesters who wanted to bring power back to the people and stick it to The Man. The Tea Partiers have adopted many of the tactics the New Left used in the 1960s, from street theater... More »

Counterculture Made Kristol an Ex-Liberal

Fear of post-'60s 'moral crisis' spurred neocon's shift right

(Newser) - "Neoconservative" was originally a label applied to newly conservative ex-liberals and Irving Kristol, the late godfather of the movement, was among the first and finest of the kind, E. J. Dionne writes in the Washington Post. Kristol made a powerful case for "pragmatic liberalist" when he was still... More »

How to Identify Hipsters: By What They Hate

(Newser) - Josh Skolnick was looking for a way to sum up what a hipster is for the Stimulist, and stumbled upon the perfect tool: Stuff Hipsters Hate, a website that "gives the world its most coherent vision yet of what defines these folks.” A sampling:
  • Other hipsters: "To
... More »

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