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Watchdog: Google Buzz Skirted Wiretap Laws

Group files complaint with FTC, wants more changes

(Newser) - A watchdog group has filed a formal complaint with the FTC over Google’s much-derided launch of Buzz. The Electronic Privacy Information Center wants the FTC to order more sweeping protections than Google itself has subsequently unveiled, and it suggests the search giant violated wiretapping laws. More »

Google 'Sorry', Tweaks Buzz After Privacy Gaffe

Automatic contact list population will now be 'auto-suggest,' and more

(Newser) - Following an outpouring of ire concerning the privacy features—or lack thereof—of its new Buzz social networking client, Google issued an apology and announced it will soon add new settings. “We quickly realized that we didn't get everything quite right,” an exec writes on the search giant’... More »

How to Get Yourself Retweeted

Data analysis tells you words to use and when to build your brand

(Newser) - You might think all you need to do to get your 140-character gems rebroadcast on Twitter is make them, well, good. Wrong. Fast Company looks at some data-proven tips from Hubspot's Dan Zarrella:
  • Links work—If they're the right links: Retweets (or RTs) are three times more likely to have
... More »

Grumpy Dad Captivates Twitter

(Newser) - An acid-tongued septuagenarian is all the rage on Twitter, the Telegraph reports. The feed, @shitmydadsays, comes courtesy of his son—“I’m 28. I live with my 73-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says"—and has almost 70,000 followers despite being... More »

4 Stories