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Mary Kennedy Begged RFK for Help Before Suicide

Details of final days revealed

(Newser) - The day before she committed suicide, Mary Richardson Kennedy told estranged husband Robert Kennedy Jr. that "she was sorry for everything," RFK Jr. told police. "She said I was right about everything, and everything was her fault. She then told me she needed me to take care... More »

RFK Jr. Calls Sen. Inhofe Big Oil 'Prostitute'

Popular insult jumps political divide

(Newser) - The prostitute insult has jumped the aisle. Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. is calling Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe a hooker for getting into bed with Big Oil. "Speaking of prostitutes, Big Oil’s top call girl, Sen. Inhofe, wants to kill fuel economy backed by automakers, small biz, enviros, and... More »

Joseph Kennedy III Running for Barney Frank's Seat

Bobby Kennedy's prosecutor grandson aims for Congress

(Newser) - There could be another Kennedy in DC soon. Joseph P. Kennedy III, Bobby Kennedy's grandson, has announced he's running for the Massachusetts congressional seat currently held by retiring Rep. Barney Frank . "I believe this country was founded on a simple idea: that every person deserves to be... More »

In Sirhan's '68 Notes, a Calculating Assassin

The picture they paint is not one of a brainwashed killer

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan claims he was brainwashed into assassinating Robert F. Kennedy, but notes he purportedly wrote 42 years ago tell a different story. The handwritten four-page chronology, which he wrote in front of a member of his defense team, shows a more calculated approach. In it, Sirhan describes his... More »

FBI Opens Probe Into 'Stolen' Jackie O Letter

Kennedy plumber's son sold it to dealer for $6K

(Newser) - The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into a condolence letter written by Jackie Kennedy on the day after Robert Kennedy died, the Dallas Morning News reports. Sent to Ethel Kennedy, the two-page letter soon disappeared—and turned up 10 years ago in the home of the Kennedy family plumber.... More »

Three Speeches That Define Ted Kennedy

(Newser) - He wasn't always the most articulate person in one-on-one conversations, but Ted Kennedy gave powerful speeches, writes Gail Russell Chaddock in the Christian Science Monitor. Three that resonate:
  • His 1980 concession: “For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope
... More »

Camelot Slips Away With Kennedy

No one appears ready to take up the torch

(Newser) - A fabled political dynasty sputtered with last night's passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who left no heir apparent in the powerhouse family. Though several younger generation Kennedys are active in civic life, none packs the punch of the senator or his famous brothers. "There seems to be no one... More »

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