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Idyllic Hawaii Has a Gross Problem

Cesspools of untreated human waste

(Newser) - If you heard that one US state has a problem with thousands of cesspools filled with untreated human waste, would Hawaii come to mind first? Brace for the gross, hidden reality of the Aloha State. It seems that Hawaii has about 88,000 such cesspools, and the seeping sewage is... More »

NY Teen Dies After Falling Into Sewage Pit

Slips into cesspool while hauling garbage from doughnut shop

(Newser) - A teenage worker hauling garbage out the back of a New York doughnut shop tumbled into an open sewage pit and died yesterday. Amiri Zeqiri, 17, slipped into the cesspool in Smithtown, some 40 miles east of Manhattan. A cousin spotted him, but by the time he returned with help,... More »

'Mob Sewage' Closes Capri's Blue Grotto

(Newser) - The famous Blue Grotto of the Italian island of Capri has been closed after its striking cerulean waters were fouled by raw sewage believed to be dumped by the Mafia, reports the Independent. La Grotta Azzurra, a favorite haunt of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, is celebrated for its striking waters... More »

3 Stories