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How a Holocaust Pendant Reunited a Family

The good-luck charm belonged to Karoline Cohn, 14, who perished at Sobibor

(Newser) - Chaim Motzen was intrigued when he read about a pendant excavated at a Nazi death camp with a possible link to Anne Frank. Engraved with "mazel tov"—"good luck" in Hebrew—the little charm belonged to Karoline Cohn, a 14-year-old Jewish girl killed at Sobibor. Motzen, an... More »

Long-Lost Daughter Calls Mom After 83 Years

Eileen Wagner never expected to see her daughter again

(Newser) - Eileen Wagner kept a secret for over 80 years—and it was a big one. As a teenager living in a Green Bay suburb in 1932, she was raped by a boy, sent to a home for pregnant girls, and forced to give up the child for adoption. "In... More »

Teacher, Student Find Out They're Sisters

Both adopted, they lived only 20 miles apart for years

(Newser) - Diane DiProspero Cook always considered Karen Cometa-Zempel to be her favorite teacher from New York's Bryant and Stratton College, where she was a student in 1985. Thirty years later, it makes a lot of sense why. Adopted as an infant, DiProspero Cook recently became interested in her biological family... More »

Family: Racist Camper Terrorized Us at Reunion

Now residents of Calif. community are crowdfunding to welcome them back

(Newser) - Kanisha Allen tells ABC10 that when she and other relatives, gathered at a Northern California campground on Rollins Lake for their annual family reunion, heard racist remarks from the campsite next to theirs on Saturday, they initially ignored them. "When you're African-American, you have to do that sometimes... More »

For Koreans, a Joyous Reunion 60 Years in Making

After seeing brother, man would 'have no regrets if I were to die tomorrow'

(Newser) - Some 82 elderly South Koreans, in their Sunday best, traveled by bus into North Korea today where they met with relatives they hadn't seen in 60 years, and—at an average age of 84—likely will never see again, the Washington Post reports. The event marked the start of... More »

Boy, 8, Helps End Man's 60-Year Search for Sister

And in Bosnia, Facebook helps sisters after 72 years

(Newser) - Should you need proof that little kids are way more tech-savvy than you: An 8-year-old Iowa boy has helped reunite two siblings, with a little assist from Facebook. Betty and Clifford Boyson were separated 65 years ago when they were placed with different foster families in Chicago. Clifford embarked on... More »

Mom, 100, Reunited With Daughter After 77 Years

Mother finally sees daughter she bore after 1928 rape

(Newser) - A woman forced to give her month-old baby daughter up for adoption in 1929 after a rape the year earlier was reunited with her 77 years later—and was astonished to learn that one of her six biological grandchildren is astronaut Mark Lee. Minka Disbrow, now 100, became pregnant after... More »

Kidnapped Baby Found 23 Years Later

'Our baby girl is home,' says Nejdra Nance's grandma

(Newser) - A sickly infant snatched from her Harlem hospital crib has been located—23 years after she was kidnapped. Nejdra Nance of Atlanta contacted the distraught mom who always thought her daughter was alive. Nance spotted photos of missing "Carlina" online and thought they looked amazingly like her own baby... More »

North, South Korea OK Family Reunions

Meetings signal easing tensions

(Newser) - North and South Korea have agreed to resume allowing reunions for families separated by the Korean War, in a sign that tensions are once again easing between the nations, the BBC reports. North Korea called off the meetings 2 years ago, after South Korea’s newly-elected President Lee Myung-bak ended... More »

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