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'Mellow' Jaycee Knew How to Survive: Stepdad

Higher-strung little sister might have been killed by kidnappers, he believes

(Newser) - Jaycee Dugard survived 18 years of captivity because she was able to bond with her kidnappers, stepfather Carl Probyn tells the San Jose Mercury News. "She was just a real mellow girl. That kept her alive," he said. If Jaycee's younger half-sister had been the one abducted "... More »

Jaycee Bonded With Kidnappers, Not Always Hidden

(Newser) - Jaycee Dugard, though kidnapped at just 11 and raped a month later, bonded with her kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, and came to see him as her husband, the San Jose Mercury News reports. "Jaycee has strong feelings with this guy," her stepfather, Carl Probyn, said yesterday. "She really... More »

2 Stories