Cedar Rapids

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Flood Recedes, But Only 1 Well Remains

Cedar Rapids restricts water use for next few days

(Newser) - Floodwaters receded today after 24,000 people fled Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but only one well is uncontaminated to service the city, CNN reports. Officials say it will run down if people take showers and flush toilets over the next 3 or 4 days. "Water is still our primary concern,... More »

Floods Breach Des Moines Levee

Authorities call for mandatory evacuation of area

(Newser) - Floodwaters breached a levee and a temporary barrier today near a residential neighborhood in Des Moines, forcing authorities to call for a mandatory evacuation of 270 homes, the AP reports. “There’s not anything else we can do,” said a city official. Storms throughout the region have killed... More »

Floodwaters Engulf Iowa's 'Flood-Proof' City

'500-year flood' swamps Cedar Rapids' defenses

(Newser) - The Cedar River has burst its banks and deluged Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Des Moines Register reports. About 9,000 people have been evacuated—including more than 170 from a hospital—and most of the city's downtown is under water. The river is still rising and is expected to crest... More »

Boom Time on Heartland Farms

US farmers strike it rich satisfying ethanol, export demands

(Newser) - The US economy may be teetering on a precipice but agriculture is enjoying what one industry analyst is calling a "golden age" after decades of decline, with bountiful harvests of crops and profits. The boom is fueled by the soaring demand from ethanol producers and to fill grain orders... More »

Masters Goes to Johnson

(Newser) - The storybook re-coronation of Tiger Woods had a surprise ending in Augusta, where the entire field was hobbled by blunders, and an obscure Iowan walked away with the coveted green jacket.  Zach Johnson hit a three-under 69 on his last 18 holes to finish in the lead with a... More »

5 Stories